SBS teases Eurovision entry, Israel amends lyrics.

An electronic snippet from Australia's entry to Malmö, ahead of tomorrow's big announce.

On social media SBS has teased the Australian Eurovision entry which has a decidedly electronic feel to it.

Could this be the year for Electric Fields to get their shot at Eurovision glory? It is long overdue….

All will be revealed (early) on Wednesday morning….

Meanwhile Israel’s Prime Minister Isaac Herzog has intervened in the growing controversy over lyrics for a song to be performed by 20-year-old singer Eden Golan.

Israel’s entry is due be confirmed next Sunday with October Rain the leading submission and Dance Forever in second place.

Lyrics for October Rain include the lines “They were all good children, every one of them” and “Who told you boys don’t cry/ Hours and hours/ And flowers/ Life is not a game for the cowards.”

The reference to flowers was significant, according to Israel Hayom newspaper, as it often denotes war fatalities.

Organisers barred it last week for breaking rules on political neutrality.

But Israel’s President Isaac Herzog called for “necessary adjustments” to ensure Israel can enter the show.

In a statement on Sunday, Israeli broadcaster Kan said it had contacted the lyricists of both songs and asked them to “readapt the texts, while preserving their artistic freedom”.

Source: BBC