Home & Away tops entertainment, ABC scores with 7:30 on Wednesday

Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars still trails I'm a Celebrity and a UK game show on Seven.

ABC shows led the key 7:30 slot last night with 7:30 drawing 781,000 viewers in National TV Audience, followed by Hard Quiz at 721,000.

Close behind were I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (683,000), The 1% Club UK (673,000) then Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars (431,000) and Alone Australia (287,000).

Later The Weekly with Charlie Pickering was 620,000 then The Front Bar (501,000), Melbourne Comedy Festival: Allstars Show (327,000), Australian Crime Stories: The Investigators (301,000).

Home & Away again topped entertainment at 808,000 although A Current Affair continues to win the slot with 1.05m.

Seven News (1.29m) won the news battle over Nine News (1.08m).

National Total TV: Wednesday 3 April 2024

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  1. Nobody will talk about it (except on MS), because of the PR Police at OzTAM and networks in 2024 with the new VOZ and publishing… But incredible ratings results in Adelaide last night for Seven, Front Bar (ahead of everything outside news!) and even Talking Footy (even 9News behind all three!!) Gather Round reaching fever pitch. Expect some mammoth shares the next few nights, shame it’s in Easter non-survey.

  2. I found Sarah Ferguson somewhat hard going at first….but she has softened a little although she is still very strong when interviewing…she has found a nice balance that I now enjoy.

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