Better Homes & Gardens: June 28

This week Johanna Griggs meets Julie Goodwin and Graham Ross embarks on an “orchid crawl."

This week on Better Homes & Gardens Johanna Griggs meets Julie Goodwin and Graham Ross embarks on an “orchid crawl.”

Johanna – Classic Julie Goodwin
She’s been on our tv screens for 15 years, written best-selling cookbooks, made numerous radio appearances, and even run a culinary school, but cooking for family has been a constant for Julie Goodwin. Now though, she’s about to get out of her comfort zone with a new challenge, Dancing With The Stars. Tonight, Joh catches up with Julie during playtime at the park with her gorgeous granddaughter, to talk about her career so far, what’s next and how she’s loving life as a grandmother. Julie takes Joh to see her studio where cooking isn’t the only way her artistry manifests. But she is a great chef of course, so Joh can’t leave without seeing Julie in action, so they whip up a family favourite: spinach and ricotta cannelloni.

Adam – Live Golf. Just Putt It In
Tonight, Adam’s going birdie watching but he hasn’t got into a new hobby, the birdies he’s chasing are golfing birdies. He’ll show you how to build your own mini golf course, perfect for those who love golf, or have kids that need entertaining. With artificial grass as the putting surface, this little course can be taken anywhere and to save costs, Adam will build the obstacles out of off-cuts of timber from other DIY projects. This a project that can be completed on Saturday, ready for the tournament on Sunday.

Colin – Pork & Sage Skewers With Rustic Pumpkin Salad
It may be winter, but entertaining family and friends with a barbecue should still be on your to-do list. A great recipe to take advantage of the flame-grilled, smoky flavours only the barbecue can provide, is Colin’s Pork and Sage Skewers with Pumpkin Salad. To make life easier and more delicious, there’s a simple spice-filled marinade that infuses into both the rustic salad and the pork. So, put your warmer clothes on and keep enjoying your barbecue through these colder months.

Graham – Backyard Orchid Enthusiasts
One of the largest and most loved families of flowering plants in the world is the beautiful Orchid. Not surprisingly, Graham is no stranger to these intriguing, fascinating and diverse group of flowers. With an array of exotic colours and fancy blooms, they’re sure to brighten your room indoors or your flower beds outdoors. Tonight, Graham embarks on an “orchid crawl” to meet a couple of orchid enthusiasts at their homes to see their magnificent flowers, but also share their tips so you too can grow this vibrant flower of your own.

Melissa – How To Propogate Succulents
Succulents are an easy plant to grow, but they’re also easy to propagate. With help from Susan, the Succulent Queen herself, Melissa will show you two methods of growing baby succulents from your existing stock. So, not only will they add beauty to your garden, but save you money too!

Charlie – Designer Paving 101
Whether it’s for a walkway, an entertaining space or some other purpose, paving can be an essential part of any garden. But getting it right isn’t as simple as laying the pavers down and walking away. So, grab that 2B pencil from behind your ear and take notes as Charlie runs you through the process from start to finish.

Juliet – Curtain Call
Nice thick curtains are great for blocking out light at night, but that means they’re also good at blocking out light during the day. Juliet has a great trick to give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to control the level of privacy or light you feel like letting into your room, as well as giving it a luxe look on a budget.

Juliet – Rising Sun Artwork
Looking to add some colour and design to your walls? Juliet shows you how to create a rising sun artwork that will certainly do both. With Juliet’s tips and your choice of colours, you’ll soon be brightening up your rooms with your own bespoke artwork. The best part is you don’t need to be an artist to create this masterpiece.

Dr Harry – No Eggs In The Nest Box
What do you do when you buy a nice next box and your fancy flock lay eggs in the roost and not in that nice box you just bought? You call Dr Harry of course! Keeping chooks in the backyard is becoming more popular, so if you’re one of the growing number of fowl families, Dr Harry has some advice that will help give you more eggs, but also allow you to go away for a weekend, safe in the knowledge your hens are happy and taken care of.

Adam – Mark Your Tools
The number on your spanners denotes what size nut or bolt is opened by that particular tool. Knowing that number can be really handy when choosing the right one to use, but sometimes it can be hard to read the number. So, Adam has a great tip to help you always find that number first, every time.

Melissa – Let Your Flowers Do The Talking
Giving flowers to a loved one is always a good idea, but did you know different flowers and even the way they’re arranged can have different meanings? It’s called the ancient art of Floriography and tonight, Melissa will give you a little lesson into this beautiful floral language.

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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