Denyer comments off key

Grant Denyer has managed to offend various groups during a radio interview with comments that are being called racist and homophobic.

Denyer, explaining he was recovering from a big Logies night told NOVA hosts that “I’m feeling like I had sex with a black man right now.

You can hear the comment here.

It’s very awkward for the host given the new series of his karaoke show It Takes Two includes both Ernie Dingo and Anthony Callea.

He later added, “I’ll be the host who looks like he’s been riding a horse for a week.”

Opposition multicultural spokesman Laurie Ferguson said the comments were deplorable and could be referred to the Australian broadcasting watchdog ACMA.

Ghassan Kassieh from the Spokesman for the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby said the comment reinforced a stereotype of black men as aggressive and predatory. “This is a totally unacceptable comment, and should never have been made on air,” he said.

On Today Tonight Denyer apologised saying, “Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t go out to offend. It was a wobbly joke, made way too early in the morning.”

On the Logies Red Carpet Denyer was happy to chat on TV Tonight for JOY 94.9FM. I’d be surprised to learn he was indeed homophobic, and while the comment sounds like it was in poor form, let’s not blow things out of proportion.

After all in the right context that comment could also be considered a compliment.


  1. grant is one of tv’s most commendable personalitys, in fact ask anyone you know and they will quickly tell you how muchly adored he is. Thanks you for carols tonight.My husband only agreed to take me because you were the host and he knows how much i simply love you on air.

  2. Grant Denyer was simply amazing tonight. Without a doubt, HE is truly the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Down to earth, charming, polite with a red hot sense of humour. Good Xmas to all xoxo

  3. “I’m no cheater” reads a Herald Sun Article posted online today May 13, 2007 at 12:00am.

    …Grant Denyer has parted the dark clouds that last week loomed over his bright career and denied he is having an affair with a colleague.

    After apologising earlier in the week for a radio gaffe that saw the pint-sized Seven star labeled a racist, he faced a fresh storm involving rumours of infidelity.

    Denyer said the accusation that he was cheating on his long-term girlfriend Belinda Morters with Sunrise staffer Cheryl Rogers was hurtful.

    Full Article: Herald Sun Article

    If you wanted to play conspiracy with this news… It could be perfect PR spin to either sidetrack any potential connections to questions over sexuality or simply just as a distraction to his radio gaffe last week in a bid to save his career.. it seems any (other) news is usually good news most of the time when it comes to PR..

    Whatever the case is or isn’t I really like the guy and have nothing against him at all!

  4. Talk about an over reaction, i mean seriously we queers are just a little to touchy…

    My take on it is the context it was said, from what i have heard it was sent in jeast, not malicious at all!!

    In regards to Anthony Callea you can add Daniel Kowalski to the queer list, well known fact that he is a member of the GLBT community. This is fact not speculation alla Ian Thorpe.

  5. I am seeing that the silly boy is getting a bit over confident with all the shows he is hosting and his high profile is going to his head …
    But the comment was a positive thing for “black men”, nothing negative at all … not for a moment does it say that black men are “predatory” etc (drama queens!)… get over it everyone!

  6. Abstract Adam - Adam Oriti

    I agree with the top comment. Too many people on radio hide behind the Mic and think they can get away with saying what they want. I would not cry homophobia at all, thats pretty cheap. But he and other radio voices should be careful what they say. I’d like to see some radio presenters shown the door for comments made.

  7. Should we perhaps be just a bit curious as to how he feels he knows what it might feel like to have “had sex with a black man”?

    If this comment causes trouble for him, ya never know he might come out of the closet – well I guess we can always wish that might be the case… he’s just so cute! Always want what we can’t have..

  8. I’m with you David, I didn’t think it was homophobic or racist at all. As you said if anything, it was a compliment. Everyone knows the reputation black guys have in the bedroom, I thought everyone would’ve got that!

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