Dexter marries “his sister”

Say what you like, it’s a whole lotta wrong in my book.

Michael C. Hall eloped with his co-star Jennifer Carpenter on New Year’s Eve.

Carpenter, 29, plays the on-screen sister of Hall, 37, in Showtime’s hit series Dexter.

And they’re so damned convincing it’s gonna be impossible to ever look at them in the same way. The show is already twisted enough without overtones of incest, dammit!

The couple will walk the red carpet together at the Golden Globes. It will be the first time that they’ve publicly acknowledged their relationship.

Dexter’s third season is now screening on Showcase in Oz. TEN promises the second season sometime this year.

Source: US Magazine


  1. No offense to any Dexter Lovers who are dedicated to watching this show,but this is just a wacky TV show with no apparent concept to it. I’m sorry, but this is just too tacky to watch.

  2. I saw 10 advertising the new series and saying it would be on in a primetime slot.

    If not enough people watched the first season/s (not sure how many) and it was pushed back to late night, what makes them think S3 will be more popular? After all haven’t all the fans just gone and downloaded it?

  3. It’s not strictly overtones of incest because Dexter and Debra are adopted siblings, ha. That said, this kind of thing happens. Freankly there could probably be romantic undertones between them in the show and it wouldn’t be entirely out of place, because this is Dexter we’re talking about.

  4. They make a good couple. And yeh, since channel 10 apparently has nothing new worth watching this year, perhaps they should screen both season 2 and 3 for it’s viewers – they’re both awesome, especially season 3!

  5. gawd who cares just as long as they are happy! Next thing you know people will be becoming “aghast” when they realise that Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne played brother and sister on Cop Shop in the early 80’s and now they are husband and wife on Neighbours!

  6. I know it’s not wrong but it feels it, but I hope they are happy together.

    I hope ch10 manages to show both S2 and S3 before the year is out. BTW I think S3 is better than S2.

  7. I don’t see how this is wrong, they are actors! Just because they play brother and sister so well has nothing to do with the fact that they obviously fell for each other.

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