Airdate: CIA: The Bondi Gay Murders

cia-liebmann5Later this month Crime Investigation Australia will revisit the attack and murder of several gay men during the 1980s and 90s in the world premiere of Blood Sport – The Bondi Gay Murders.

The deaths of three innocent men were later discovered to be part of a much wider wave of violent hate crimes by gangs of youths roaming Sydney’s inner suburbs.

Once again CIA features re-enactments and interviews with key figures, including the cold case investigating policeman as well as family and friends of the murder victims.

During separate attacks, three innocent men were brutally bashed and thrown to their deaths from a cliff top near Bondi Beach. Two of these deaths, however, were not considered to be murders at the time.

Among the victims was Wollongong television newsreader, Ross Warren, a gay man who disappeared while visiting friends in Sydney in 1989.

At first, Ross Warren’s case was left open by police who regarded it as a “probable accident”. But his mother conducted a long campaign to have her son’s disappearance finalised.

CIA: Blood Sport – The Bondi Gay Murders airs on Thursday, March 26 at 7:30pm.


  1. thank you for telling this story, we all need to hear it. I am so angry at the original corupt police and their disgraceful handling of these incidents. As for these killers, karma will get them!

  2. This episode has just being broadcast on channel 9. I was very intrigued by this episode because one of the parks by which the murders took place (Marks Park in Bondi) is where I regularly go for a jog as I live locally and I was pretty angry at the gutless murders that happened there. Im 25 so I was only a toddler when most of these horrific events took place. Its just hard to believe that such a beautiful park which has a million dollar view over Bondi beach and the pacific ocean was the scene of a string of hate crimes. What makes me more angry that most of these murders went unsolved so these mindless uneducated losers who cant look past sexual oorientation of an individual, still live among us. I do hope another inquiry does open in the near future as most of these cases remain unsolved due to the dodgy efforts by the NSW police at the time( they were pretty corrupted in the 80s and 90s).

    Next time I go for my jog there I will pause for a moment and think of those innocent victims whose young lives were cut short just because they were gay. These homophobic idioits were probally closeted gay men themselves but just couldnt come to terms with it so they took it out on openly gay men.

  3. Trudy Potaka Eley

    I saw a friend of mine Ken Marsh on your programme in the segment of Ross Warren Bondi Gay Murders October 29th 2009. Would you be kind enough to pass on to him my contact details

    I would so appreciate this, as I lost contact with him many years ago
    Kind regards
    Trudy Potaka Eley

  4. Well im from sydney im a fan of C.I channel i’ve seen many of the shows,but this horrific one absoultly tore my heart to shreds,i once to almost had my life taken away from me by a sick bastard, when i was age 19 i am now 25 we have a history of gay’s in our family and i also have a few gay friends, i luv them to death their the most harmless inocennt souls their beautiful people i love them.But to have their lives taken off them for being gay makes me totally and utterly sick,i think about this story everyday it has absolutly traumatised me!!!I curse these dirty sick thugs to death may their souls never rest,they will be dancing with the Devil forever,he will follow them everywhere that they go torture their souls and same goes to that other siko at the window who yelled out we dont help gays curse him too!!!!May their poor inoccent souls rest in peace they didn’t deserve that nobody has the right to brutely take someones life like that curse you sickos!!!

    Much loves to them R.I.P. love always Gweny…

  5. i agree jason I made a mistake calling these snots human beings, i wonder if their parents or families know or have any idea of what they have done? everytime i blow my nose i will think of them and flush it down the dunny.

  6. For a start I don’t think that these hateful ignorant morans who killed these innocent men deserve to be called humans beings. I would call them animals, but I know that not even animals have this kind of disregard for human or even animal life.
    To identify other human beings and judge them based mereley on their sexuality is for a start the highest form of ignorance there is.(Your not your sexuality, as much as your not the clothes you wear,the car you drive or the amount of money in your bank account.or any other thing you identify yourself with)and then to horrifically beat and murder them in this cowardly, merciless and senseless fashion is by far one of the most in-human things I have ever heard of.I know that what goes around comes around and when the time comes around for these mindless thugs I hope that they had wished that they had never been born.

  7. Trudy Potaka Eley

    I saw a friend of mine Ken Marsh on your programme tonight in the segment of Ross Warren. Would you be kind enough to pass on to him my contact details

    I would so appreciate this as I lost contact with him many years ago
    Kind regards
    Trudy Potaka Eley

  8. Im utterly disgusted at what these filthy idiots have done to their fellow human beings. what cowards, they need to fight in gangs and will be out in society again to destroy someones elses life. I wish these losers the utmost horrid life until they finally die.

  9. Richard Dzwonkowski

    To ad to my other comment I take up the issue of the use of “blood Sport” the act is murder which is preditated and and planned purley for the purpose of taking another human life and the use of sport in this context can create a mixed message of how we view this hate crime. I hope others share my view on this matter, sport shoulbe be about community cohesive and non voilence these activities aligned with individuals with obvious imparied social skills and have inner dsyfunctional ideas about acceptance

  10. Richard Dzwonkowski

    Great story outlining what has taken place but, little has changed we still dont have the killers responsible and for those three murders convicted I hope they had time to reflect on what they had done, THe main police investigator should be congratualed for his committment and courage to fight for a cousre that would be seen as “not touchable” by the masculianized police rank and file
    Let us view this as what we need to do more and make same sex recognition more understood

  11. This is going to be sad. . .
    am watching the Ivin Malet CI now
    and itis so intersting
    I do hope that these do come to a dvd
    becuase i want to watch them all the time. because they are so gross and revolting in a way
    that this is what Australia is brought up on.

  12. Deborah Pacilio

    I’m from the US and have been in Australia for 2 months now and watch CI just about everyday. I was really interested in the story Blood Sport, The Bondi Gay Murders that will be showing on March 26, 2009. But I will be flying back to the US on March 21, 2009, so to get to my question is after this is aired will you be selling this on DVD?



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