Billy wins Channel [V] Presenter Search

billy23 year-old Melburnian Billy Russell has won the Channel [V] Presenter Search, announced yesterday in a live final on stage at Homebake in Sydney.

Russell nudged out finalists Sydney’s Jordan Loukas and Newcastle’s Ryan Stuart who were all put through final audition tasks during a liva broadcast. The three were asked to interview artists, prepare a piece to camera about Homebake on the spot, and host Live TV, the finalists were grilled on their music knowledge, ability to work under pressure, and of course, whether.

“Channel [V] was looking for a talent with a unique style who stood out from the crowd, but also one who complemented our current [V]J line-up,” said Shaun James, General Manager, XYZnetworks Music Channels.

“From the very beginning, Billy established himself as one to watch. His genuine passion for listening to and talking about music shone through in his auditions and he’s proven himself to be a real natural in front of the camera. Channel [V] is renowned for discovering and developing outstanding talent, and we can’t wait to work with Billy.”

Russell said, “Winning this Presenter Search is the single most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m just some kid who grew up idolising the likes of Yumi Stynes and James Mathison, thinking how cool it would be to have their job. And now I do! And it feels, well, like my dream has just come true (because it has!).”

His win follows an extensive search through more than 3000 applications. He joins Renee Bargh, Danny Clayton, Jane Gazzo and Kyle Linahan as channel [V]J.


  1. i think all these comments are ironic too because i know friends of billys and apparently all he talked about when he got home was how awesome ryan was and how they will be friends in the future and stuff. i don’t think there needs to be a ryan versus billy thing. they are both good. and where does jordan feature in all this anyway? lol

  2. hahaha I’m friends with Ryan, he would find all these comments quite funny. These comments are ironic since he actually saw The Pixies and Sonic Youth in New York the week before Homebake… But nah he’d prob rather watch Pink (yeah right).

    By the way I thought they all did a good job – obviosuly I thought Ryan was the best but I may be biased

  3. Uh didn’t Ryan work in commercial radio – hence him having to say what was on the actual playlist – and I believe he said ‘ right now Another song from Pink’ in a satirical way (ripping himself and commercial radio off).

    I may be wrong though – they all would have been good at the job me thinks

  4. I thought both Ryan and Billy were good. They would actually have made a great duo and I think they both genuinely love music, and whether you consider that music good or bad is your own personal taste. I wish them both good luck for their futures.

  5. how was ryan ‘obviously’ more into music? in his profile piece, he is on the radio introducing pink and declaring his love for temper trap. billy is instead talking in front of giant pixies and sonic youth posters and asking kevin mitchell about the clash. oh, i get what you mean now… ryan is obviously more into bad music.

  6. I thought they did broadcast the final? I watched it! Anyway, I wanted Ryan to win. He was obviously more into music and seemed made for the job. Maybe he was too indie inclined for them.
    Must suck for Jordan losing this as well as Australias Next Top Model. How hectic….as she would embarrassingly exclaim constantly!

  7. Jabba, Andrew, James and Yumi were great, and I used to have the 3hr version of WhatUWant on everyday, then it turned bad, and was shredded to 1 hour and it was terrible. I rarely get a glimpse of Channel V or any of the music channels now, they have dropped in quality since 2005, even the music has.
    I didnt like the guy who won a couple of years ago, scrawny little guy with squeky voice.

  8. Why do they even need 3 VJs, let alone 5. MTV gets by with just 2, and even though they don’t do much it’s still probably more screen time than what all the [V] hosts get combined.

  9. How I miss the days of Jabba, Andrew, James and Yumi. It’s never been the same since they left. Their current VJ’s, especially Danny and Jane, make the channel almost unbearable to watch.

  10. i thought they could have broadcast the final too but hey at least the right person was chosen imo. but they guy who used the fish jelly as moisturiser was good too – go petersham!

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