Airdate: The Stafford Brothers

In January FOX8 premieres The Stafford Brothers, a new reality series that follows two Australian DJ’s, Matt and Chris Stafford.

The brothers have become successful playing to packed clubs around the world. The series follows them on a global tour with music, exotic locations, crowds and glamorous parties. Sounds like a Reality premise here.

Throughout the six-part series, viewers will be given an exclusive, access-all-areas pass to the exotic world of dance music as cameras follow the Stafford brothers on their biggest and best tour yet, as they travel to the party capitals of Europe including Ibiza, Greece and London.

As the Stafford brothers’ new management team use this latest tour to test whether Matt and Chris truly have what it takes to catapult them to mega-stardom, the brothers also have to contend with an unpredictable entourage. With their fiery manager Joey, Matt’s blonde bombshell girlfriend Brooke, and mum and dad joining them on tour for the first time, things are guaranteed to go wrong.

As we follow the talented two on the most challenging period in their careers, the series will also take a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the Stafford Brothers business, as they write, produce, perform, collaborate and negotiate on their most ambitious – and dramatic – tour to date.

This could be the start of global domination, as long as the boys can juggle partying, working and their private lives. One thing is for sure, what happens on tour no longer stays on tour.

The Stafford Brothers was developed by Wes Dening and produced by WD Entertainment Group, in association with TPD Media.

The Stafford Brothers premieres January 21 at 8.30pm.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    The Stafford Brothers are good DJs. Havent heard them Live but from the compilations that feature on Ministry of Sound their remixes are very good. Wish this was on TEN as part of Videohits presents specials.

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