Outrageous Fortune update

Fans of Outrageous Fortune take note, there have been extra episodes scheduled by TEN.

This includes a double episode on Christmas Day and four episodes next week, which brings it up to S6E10 “Thy Loving Father.”

Could TEN be looking to bolster its local content numbers by the end of the year?

Maybe not, -at this stage there are more stripped episodes in the second week of January after making way for the Hopman Cup.

Mon Dec 20

Sat Dec 25
9:15pm (double episode)

Mon Dec 27 – Thu Dec 30


  1. channel 10 must have used up their quota of Mean Girls, Big Daddy and Back to the Future so they have to show this show now

    Well it’s better than anything else we have on tv at the moment

  2. Further to my post below:
    Visit the West’s house in Auckland … but stay on the footpath!!!!
    Don’t disturb the residents…

    85 Royal View Road, West Auckland

    They do not do tours like they do for Neighbours … but there is a bus stop right out front!

  3. The 2011 calendar for local quota points starts on boxing day so those stripped episodes will count toward tens 2011 points which they will need desperately without neighbors counting.

  4. Love! Love! Love! this show!
    Went to Auckland recently and took our photos outside the Wist’s house… yes we found it in West Auckland and it is still exactly the same!!!!
    David, can i give out the address here???

    They have also moved all the sets to the Auckland Museum now that filming is over … going back in Feb to see that too.

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