Castle update

Heads up fans of Castle, this Sunday night the show will air at 10pm on Seven following a 90 minute Downton Abbey premiere.

But instead of a new episode from Season 3, this will be a repeat of S1E3 “Hedge Fund Homeboys.”

Another repeat airs at 9:40pm on Sunday June 5th.



  1. I am starting to think that unless a show fits a certain profile, it gets this treatment. A real tv show that involves a true, creative, maybe original spin vs reality tv. Or it could be something to do with Nathan Fillion. Not the first time this has happened, considering a certain show set in space…….

  2. I am really annoyed that they don’t advertise when they are going to shift back to season 3. All they end up doing is really annoying a whole bunch of fans. I am pretty much going to wait for the DVD. Over it.

  3. Channel 7 have been showing castle eps out of order anyway.They showed 16+17 then 13+14,and this week they show 15+18.Thats why i get it elsewhere.To hell with em.

  4. Can we just have Bones back? We endured the Hannah arc, and now they’ve stopped just before screening the best episodes of the season.


  5. Annoying that they made us stay up so late for double new episodes, the last few weeks and now they’re showing repeats for the next couple of weeks. Dumb.

  6. Thank you David. I’m glad they are repeating it. Because I hope when the Dancing show ends it’ll have some sensible or better start and ending times.

  7. Castle is probably the best show on 7 ,or equal with Bones, so why do they continue to screw with it?? Episodes are being played out of order and Castle has no stand alone episodes they need to be seen in order!! I’m getting Castle elsewhere and watching them one at a time & in order! When they stop stuffing it around and put Bones back before it I’ll be back. Until then I’m staying with 5-0 and NCIS.

  8. Episode 18 was not shown in Adelaide last night due to the replay of the V8 Supercars race from Winton, which in turn was held over due to Seven’s coverage of the AFL match between Collingwood and Adelaide. So this Sunday Adelaide will get episode 18 while the rest of Australia will have a repeat.

  9. I expect they’ll continue with repeats for a while until Downton Abbey is finished.

    Bones stopped at episode 15 of the current season IIRC and there’s about six episodes of Castle’s third season left for them to play.

    If they want to return the Bones/Castle duo back to back they’ll have about six-seven episodes of each series which will last them about six weeks, until the new seasons begin in late September/early October

  10. You are right that last nights episodes were S3E15 and S3E18. Thankfully they were stand alone episodes so it shouldnt make too much difference. Still is a bit weird of Seven to do it that way. Why not have a new episode last night followed by a repeat and then save the second new episode for next week.

    I too am wondering where Bones is. The season finale was on in the US last week and if you dont want to be spoiled I suggest you avoid any US website about the show as there was a fairly big plot twist in the dying seconds of the finale. Given Seven have only showed the first part of the season, the plot twist is kind of a giveaway where the show is heading.

  11. @flossaus yes your right they did screen them out of sequence, because they moved eps 16 and 17 (which were already a double episode, the one with the nuclear bomb) up earlier when they first started the double eps, maybe to gage how successful they would be before continuing? i have to say i still really preferred the bones then castle arrangement, and they were rating better too, although maybe they wanted to avoid drop off as there playing them later?

  12. castle starting at 10? yeah right, with the overun from dancing with the stars (15min last night, and that was still a 2 hour show) plus the overrun from downton abbey, which i’m sure there will be a bit, castle will be lucky to start before 10:30

    and last night definitely had 2 new episodes, don’t know whether they reported it as a repeat or not, but they were both new

  13. last nights eps were not a repeat ep ep 13-15 were skipped a few weeks ago
    when dancing started seven skipped 3 eps to show ep 16 and 17 back to back as it did in the states
    so last week they aired 13 and 14
    last night was ep 15 and 18 therefore last night brought us back into line

  14. Was last night’s first episode a repeat? I didn’t think so but could be wrong, I just think it was screened out of sequence – as Cam Read mentioned on the ratings thread, it was episode 15 and then 18.

    Still glad you’re asking the question David.

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