Eurovision 2012 in Baku

Next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan, a port city of two million people.

It has won the right after “Running Scared,” performed by Azerbaijani duo Eldar & Nigar (aka Ell & Nikki) won the 2011 contest.

The song’s comporsers Stefan Örn, Sandra Bjurman and Iain Farguhanson are from Sweden. They also wrote “Drip Drop”, which represented Azerbaijan at the Eurovision 2010.

“Everyone who gave a vote, everyone who loved our song, everyone who believed in us, thank you very much”, Nigar told a crowded Press Conference.

“From the first day I believed we would get it, that we would win”, said Eldar.

“We want to bring Europe together with our song”, said Eldar when asked about how the song can maybe contribute to solving many problems in Europe.

Nigar said, “A few months ago I was a housewife but now I am the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. It is my biggest dream”.

“We never thought about the rankings. We just worked so hard for months and we were so happy with what we were doing”, Eldar explained.

EBU executive supervisor, Jon Ola Sand said, “Hosting the Eurovision Song Contest is a big challenge and I have here an invitation to the team to come to Geneva to start planning for next year’s contest in Azerbaijan. If possible we hope to have an even better contest next year.”

I’d settle for a better winning song…

Source: Eurovision


  1. Baku would be a dreamy place for european people, if they haven’t ever visited Azerbaijan. I recommend the european people to come to Baku on 22 May, 2012 and watch the unforgetable Eurovision.

  2. I still think that the swedish performance was the best..I’m Eric’s fan <333 but ofc i can't against the european votes..although i hoped Sweden will be 1st wasn't :((
    @Jafar Tagavi - I think the tickets you can find on the official web - site of eurovision i've read something on this site about buying tickets..:))

  3. I”m Jafar from Iran-Tabriz.I appreciate Eldar and Nigar that could win the song contest 2011 and brought Eurovision 2012 to Baku.I wanna attend in the contest but don”t know how take the ticket.Please guid me

  4. I am over the moon, having my parents living in Baku for 12 years, ( I will get mum to organize tickets for me). Baku is a great place. I am just so happy I am sure it will be a fantastic event.

  5. I was gunning for Sweden, Ireland or the UK, but I am happy for Azerbaijan. It will be good publicity for the nation, and it was a sweet song.

  6. Eurovision always start at 9pm central european time, when it was held in Russia a few years ago, it started at 11pm local time, so I guess in Baku it will start at midnight local time…don’t envy the performers!

  7. Time zone could be a problem when Eurovision Song Contest is held in Baku next year. During summer, Baku (5 hours behind AEST) is 3 hours ahead of most of central Europe and 4 hours ahead of the UK. If the event is held in Baku time it will affect broadcasts of soccer fixtures across Europe. If the event is held in European time it will not finish until early hours of Sunday morning. So there must be a compromise.

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