Bondi Rescue hangs out on Google+

Reidy, Deano, Maxi, Jesse, Kerrbox, Whippet and Bondi Rescue‘s Chief Lifeguard Hoppo will tonight engage in chats with fans from around the world using Google+ Hangouts following the series finale on TEN.

5 fans have been selected to participate in the online chat which uses their own webcams on the Google+ platform in a live video stream. It can also be viewed by other Google+ users.

International fans will also be able to see the first episode of the current season in HD on YouTube for 24 hours from tonight.

An earlier Hangout on Monday April 30 saw Bondi Rescue become one of the Top 20 global trending topics on twitter, and lead to the Lifeguards being overrun with social media enquiries.

Cordell Jigsaw’s Head of Sales, Kristin Burgham says, “We are strengthening the audience of Bondi Rescue worldwide – targeting non-traditional television viewers, who we believe will tune in to engage more fully with the show and the network screening it – wherever in the world they live.”

Bondi Rescue has been sold to National Geographic Channels in Asia, the Middle East, Italy and Iberia; Nelonen Media in Finland; NRK in Norway; SBS in The Netherlands and SKY in New Zealand.

Google is claiming the Bondi Rescue hangout as a world first within its Hangouts platform although other shows have previously used Google+.

The finale airs at 8:10pm tonight on TEN.

Watch the Google+ Hangout from 8.30pm here

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  1. You forgot the uk!! We love it here though we’re about 2 years behind!love the hangouts the bondi boys are just genuinely funny down to earth guys and thats what makes them popular!!(aswell as the fact they’re all well fit!!)

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