Psst! TEN looking for Factual staff.

TEN is on the hunt for Senior Producers, Producers and Researchers experienced in Factual Television for its new internal production unit.

The Sydney-based positions are full time for 6 months.

It’s not clear if the positions are for a new start-up project or existing shows such as the Hamish Macdonald-hosted TEN Late News, but they do indicate positions in “long-form investigative television documentaries.”

The Senior Producer role requires “advanced content making skills in investigative research and acute awareness of topical issues and current affairs. Foreign language skills will be considered an advantage but not essential.”

“Please note that due to tight deadlines applications will no longer be taken after Tuesday 29th May 2012.”

For further info you can check out the positions here.


  1. The jobs TEN is advertising seem to be a way to keep the people they’ve already got on their books .. some people applying externally are being told these are internal positions so Its clearly just a way to keep the people whose shows were cancelled to pay for Breakfast .. (Negus, Late News etc)
    Now those shows and the people are all being recycled and reinstated .. and Breakfast is a dying animal on the side of the ratings highway.

    I hope the Anthony Flannerys of this world aren’t getting paid big bucks to take the network backwards at great expense to the shareholders.

  2. @ Steve – It’s a theory – but does it work in practice to deliver the best possible shows selected from the widest possible gene pool? It’s an incredibly risky strategy for a newbie CEO – costs can blowout and if the shows fail to live up to expectations James will have to take all the heat – creatively and financially for making the wrong calls. How will those companies you refer to react to having their business opportunities curtailed like this? They are not going to like it……watch this space.

  3. @Ronnie


    Companies like Shine, Endemol and Fremantle all operate at profit. Instead of TEN handing over millions to increase the bottom line of these companies, they would rather keep that bottom line in their own hands. It’s about time I say.

  4. Why is James Warbuton pursuing this flawed strategy? He is significantly increasing the overhead at Ten instead of reaching out to the independent production community for the shows he so desperately needs. Why set up an entire division to go into direct competition with Shine, Endemol, Fremantle, JCZ, Renegade and all the other talented independent factual producers? Why the empire building when the bottom line is under pressure? The Seven approach to internal production is part of their DNA – but it should also be challenged – particularly if they want to improve their drama offering.

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