Gossip Girl is revealed

2012-12-19_0020I’ll admit it’s been a long time since I’ve dropped by those wealthy kids in Gossip Girl.

They were all the rage back in 2007 with their designer outfits, debutante parties and croquet (it was as if they were so desperate to be Europeans).

Last night on FOX8 the 2 hour finale went to air, revealing the identity of Ms. Gossip Girl herself.

Or should that be himself?

Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) turned out to be Ms. Gossip Girl despite the fact the character had been voiced for 6 seasons by Kristen Bell. Go figure.

As the Hollywood Reporter tells it, “It’s kind of hilarious if one really thinks about it. Dan unmasked as the blogger also makes sense, to a degree. He was always an outsider — until he somehow slipped into the upper echelon of the Upper East Side. Writers are often observant, and Dan is no different: He somehow got so good at eavesdropping on conversations that he learned the “LOLs” and the “OMGs” of what made Gossip Girl live and breathe. But let’s be serious, picturing Lonely Boy speaking in emoticons and “XOXOs” is a comedy series in itself. (Let’s not forget that Dan’s younger sister, Jenny, was in on her brother’s Gossip Girl extracurriculars for a while.)

“In the vein of Six Feet Under and Life Unexpected, Gossip Girl flash-forwarded a few years for another headline event: Dan and Serena’s wedding. It was the series’ way of wrapping everything up with a neat bow, even though viewers know there were often hiccups and mishaps along the way.”


  1. I think the ending with Dan was stupid, but the writing has been going downhill on this show for the past couple of seasons. When Bart Bass miraculously came back from the dead was an indication that the writers had truly run out of ideas. The fact that he died again in the last season was just ridiculous. So long Gossip girl, a few seasons too many, much like smallville, has led to bad final memories of a show with such good beginnings. Bring back Veronica Mars!!!

  2. Watch some of the earlier season but not much since, did check out the final, love that Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell did a cameo on the show. Not sure what to think about Dan being GG, maybe it should have been his sister or Kristen? Was a bit weird they only had 10 eps in the final season and not 13 or more.

  3. Thanks Fox8 for having this an express from the US show. I enjoyed the last ep and the special before hand, while some aspects seemed a bit rushed like Lilly and William reuniting and the Ivy connection wrapped up maybe a 90min ep would have been just nice.

    It was a nice touch having Kristen Bell “the voice” of Gossip Girl in a scene rehearsing with Rachel Bilson for Dan’s book when they find out who is Gossip Girl.

  4. It doesn’t make one iota of sense Dan being Gossip Girl. However this was just the icing on the cake after completely going off the rails a couple of seasons ago.

    I did love Rufus ending up with Lisa Loeb & the Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell cameo though.

  5. skipping a head 5 years at the end was stupid. It would have been better if they just showed a highlights clip and then finished with Dan saying the opening line. And who am I, Well now you know.

  6. It really made no sense since many instances during the series things posted on Gossip Girl hurt his beloved Serena. But both she and the rest of the gang quickly forgave him for years of deceit. Just one example of the decline of quality this show endured in its most recent years.

  7. I only ever watched part episodes of the last couple of seasons with my sister, but finding out that it wasn’t Kristen Bell after all these years was just plain mean! At least she would have been paid a fair amount for voicing GG for all these years.

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