Returning: Foreign Correspondent

2013-01-30_1824Foreign Correspondent returns next week to ABC1, looking at the crisis for African elephants.

Imagine a world without wild elephants.

Veteran wildlife campaigner Dame Daphne Sheldrick can. And soon.

‘I think elephants could disappear in the next 20 years!’ she tells ABC TV’s Foreign Correspondent.

The reason? An exponential increase in poaching. In Africa, elephants are being slaughtered in record numbers to satisfy a booming demand for ivory from China’s burgeoning middle class.

In Tanzania – the setting for much of Foreign Correspondent’s return episode – it’s estimated as many as 70 elephants are being killed every day.

In a special investigation reporter Eric Campbell goes undercover with the world’s top ranger Australian Sean Willmore – to expose ivory traders and their rampant, black trade.

‘It’s absolutely a war. It’s an untold war.’ declares Willmore.

Tuesday, 5 February at 8pm on ABC1.

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