So when is The Block finale?

2013-03-11_1045The auctions for The Block are all scheduled for Tuesday March 19, but Nine is yet to schedule it.

In previous years the auctions have taken place the day before in order to try and turn the show around as quickly as possible to avoid Spoilers. Even last year some information leaked out, with “Sold” signs going up before the episode aired.

So while the good oil has been on a Wednesday March 20 finale, Nine’s current schedule still sees the show ┬árunning up to and including Friday 22nd.

Or is it all just a scheduling  red herring to try and thrown rivals off the scent?

Given Easter non-ratings begin on Sunday March 24th it’s extremely unlikely Nine would choose to schedule such a blockbuster outside of ratings.

If Nine is planning a Block / Logies double it’s a big ask to keep the auction results under wraps until April 7. Besides last year’s double of The Voice / Logies worked so brilliantly last year they’d be crazy not to repeat it.

So I’m still tipping March 20….


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