Returning: Breaking Bad

4brbA new season of Breaking Bad will air on Free to Air TV next week.

ABC2 begins Season 4 from Monday. This aired in the US in 2011.

In last year’s shocking and gripping finale, Jesse (Paul) was on the run, with Mike (Jonathan Banks) in hot pursuit, while Walt negotiated for his life with Gus (Giancarlo Esposito). In a desperate attempt to escape certain death, Walt concocted a disturbing plan – kill his former lab assistant Gale – to provide for his and Jesse’s safety. The scheme ultimately forced Jesse to Gale’s doorstep with a gun while Walt was held hostage in the Superlab.

This season, Walt and Jesse must cope with the fallout both personally and professionally. As well, tension mounts as Walt faces a true standoff with his employer, Gus, with neither side willing or able to back down. Walt must also adjust to a new relationship with Skyler (Anna Gunn) who, while still reconciling her relationship with Walt, is committed to properly laundering Walt’s money and ensuring her sister Marie (Betsy Brandt) and an ailing Hank (Dean Norris) are financially stable.

9:30pm Monday, 29 April ABC2.


  1. Kristi, fair enough. Also, congratulations on legally purchasing/renting your entertainment. If enough of us do it, maybe they’ll keep making brilliant shows like Breaking Bad. 🙂

  2. @stan – buried as in it clearly hasn’t been marketed very well outside of ABC land. Like I said, I wasn’t even aware they screened it nor were the 8 or so other people I know who watch BB. And we are all massive TV watchers. I’ve never even heard about it being on ABC2 when I go on fan forums, everyone there seem to watch it on pay TV or online. And I certainly don’t claim to know how ‘every’ fan watches any particular show but I feel very confident that the majority of viewers of these types of cult shows in Australia do not wait for them to make their way to free to air. And the DLing figures do seem to back that up. I add again though that I do purchase/rent/legally stream all my TV.

  3. Good on ABC2 for showing it, albiet a bit late, but its another DVD purchase for most devoted fans…. if I hadn’t legally purchased S1-S4 then I would have been watching it on ABC2

  4. “Buried” on ABC2? It gets promos on that channel (on one of the highest rated multichannels in the country, btw) & a very good timeslot. Besides, ABC1 attempted to air repeats of season one a few summers ago & it hasn’t been back, so I guess no-one watched it there.

    All these people here who think they know how & when *every* Breaking Bad viewer watches the show.

  5. @stan – certainly there are still casual viewers but not for a show like BB. If you miss an episode you wouldn’t have a clue about what is going on. And you don’t have to steal the shows, they’ve been available for rent or buy for long time. It’s a shame such a great show is being buried on ABC2.

  6. Seriously? I have always felt this show had immense commercial potential if promoted properly. Why does it land on ABC2 when everyone and I mean everyone who is even vaguely interested has seen it?

  7. Pietro, ever heard of the casual viewer? They’re out there & there’s a lot of them. Not everyone wants or needs to steal programs from Channel BT an hour after original broadcast, like a true “fan.”

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