Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries starts well in France

10mfmABC’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is off to a strong start in France, on broadcaster France 3.

The first two episodes averaged 3.28 million viewers, ranking third overall for Sunday night and higher than Midsomer Murders, Lewis and Murdoch from Canada. That’s despite  late launch following the live telecast of the French Open action at Roland Garros.

This even marks the first time an Australian series has been shown on French primetime since Police Rescue on TF1 in 1990.

Other series like Water Rats, Heartbreak High, The Secret Life of Us and Underbellly have been successful on minor French channels, but not in primetime.

France 3 picked up the show for its summer portfolio following the show’s inclusion in the Series Mania festival. Three episodes will be shown on Sunday nights for the coming month.

France 3 is also now interested in The Doctor Blake Murder Mysteries while The Slap will be seen soon on prime time on Arte.

A second season for Miss Fisher is currently shooting in Melbourne.


  1. Congrats to Miss Fishers and the team.

    I have a feeling this show will do quite well internationally especially as they accumulate volume.

  2. I’m on holiday and was watching it! Didn’t realise it was the first two. Didn’t grab me first time around so I thought I’d watch it dubbed in French. Was alright!

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