Returning: Cougar Town

2013-11-19_0025Courtney Cox comedy Cougar Town will return to Seven in the first week of summer.

It plays twice a week late nights on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It returns with Season 4, Ep 6, ‘Restless’  at 11:30pm Tuesday, December 3 on Seven.

Jules has trouble sleeping, and it seems like nothing can help her relax. Grayson’s face gets mangled in a roller hockey game. And Ellie goes into hiding after Andy decides to redeem his stash of sex coupons on Valentine’s Day.

Another episode will air at 11:40pm Wednesday December 4.


  1. Great news, I love this show. About time they brought it back. Now if they would just bring back Covert Affairs, it’s nearly up to the finale in the US.

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