Utopia: Oct 7

2014-10-01_1917No it’s not the Working Dog Utopia, nor the US reality series, it’s the UK thriller of the same name. And if that’s not enough there will be a US adaptation too.

It is currently screening on SBS 2 with double episodes.

Three months after the destruction of the Utopia manuscript, things have been quiet for Ian, Becky and the rest. Believing the Network to be finished, they each try to get back to some semblance of normality. But far from being over, the Network’s plan is only just beginning. With Jessica as their prisoner, they finally have Janus and are poised to put their plan into action.

When dark secrets from the past begin to resurface, both Milner and the gang are faced with the explosive revelation that Janus is something far more dark and terrifying than they could ever have imagined. The gang must join forces once more but old loyalties have been turned on their heads, and who to trust becomes a matter of life and death.

Episode Three: Tuesday, 7 October at 9.25pm
The gang are on the run and find a precocious young hacker, who uncovers the key to The Network’s new plan: a real global outbreak of weaponised Russian flu that will prompt the entire world to take up their vaccine on V Day.

Episode Four: Tuesday, 7 October at 10.25pm
A shocked Dugdale reluctantly agrees to harbour Jessica. When Dugdale visits Jen and Alice in a secret prison it’s clear he will do whatever The Network asks in order to keep his family alive. Jessica is searching for Ian, as is Milner who is convinced he will lead her to Carvel.


  1. Just saw season 1 on PVR and am thankful that I PVRd season 2.

    This is the most absolutely brilliant, disturbing, shocking and surprising show I have seen on FTA tv this year, probably the second best thing I have seen on TV after Fargo.

    I recommend it to anyone whom likes something a bit different, certainly the cinematography and soundtrack make it a very surreal viewing experience.

  2. Really enjoyed this show. I watched the last ever episode on SBS 2 Tuesday night.


    An Absolute shame that its been cancelled. Plenty off backlash on channel 4 (BBC) Facebook page.

  3. I have PVRed Season 1 but have not watched it yet – whats the consensus here? If its half as good as Fargo them I’m in……

    SBS2 is starting to get some really good stuff, I’m not sure why they felt the need to “burn it off” in double eps though, they could have promoted it more and played it out as single eps for better ratings. Full credit to SBS2 as well for having a reliable and believable EPG and schedule with content that is actually half decent and enough advertising to pay for its way without being intrusive.

  4. Found series 1 interesting – a bit strange and “out there” to start with and very violent, but grows on you if you stick with it.
    Yes David, I’m also a bit confused – if eps 2 and 3 are screening next Tuesday, have they already shown eps 1 and 2 last Tuesday, as @Secret Squirrel suggested??

  5. Brilliant show, and quite a daring move to set the entire first episode of this series in the 1970s.

    The casting of Rose Leslie as the young Milner was inspired too. She really looks like a young Geraldine James.

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