OzTAM to add Total Grocery Buyers demo


Ratings provider OzTAM is adding a new Demographic to its panel for 2017, the ‘Total Grocery Shoppers’

The new demo be in addition to the current ‘Main Grocery Buyer’ demographic, recognising that often more than one person in a household now does the shopping and / or influences supermarket purchases.

While the “key demos” are considered 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54, OzTAM currently tracks Men and Women in these same groupings plus Grocery Buyers and Grocery Buyers With Kids.

“The traditional ‘weekly shop’ by a main grocery buyer is increasingly less typical in Australian homes,” OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer said.

“People now shop multiple times during the week, with duties often shared between parents and other family members. There are also more shared households in which people do their own grocery buying.

“In light of these changes it makes sense for OzTAM to introduce a demographic with a broader definition of the target and reach of all grocery shoppers within a home. The new ‘Total Grocery Shoppers’ variable joins ‘Main Grocery Buyer’, and OzTAM data subscribers can use both for a more comprehensive picture of who shops and influences purchasing decisions in Australian homes.”

The additional ‘Total Grocery Shoppers’ demographic reflects changing household characteristics and behaviours (and, therefore, patterns of grocery buying) including:
· Delaying marriage and having children;

· Households where both parents work and share responsibility for grocery shopping;

· Young adult children leaving home at a later stage, and contributing to household grocery shopping;

· Increasing incidence of shared households, where individuals do their own shopping;

· Busy schedules, where meals are often not planned in advance;

· Australians’ increasing emphasis on fresh produce, and the quest for ‘discovery’ and finding something new in-store;

· Increasing trial of online shopping, which enables more household members to research products and influence purchase decisions.

OzTAM data subscribers will continue to be able to use the ‘Main Grocery Buyer’ demographic along with the new ‘Total Grocery Shoppers’ and dozens of other demographic variables within the OzTAM Metropolitan and National Subscription Television databases.

The new demo takes effect from week 1 of the 2017 ratings year (week commencing Sunday 1st January, 2017).

OzTAM’s metropolitan panel is also increasing to 5,250 homes and its STV panel to 2,120 from the present 3,500 and 1,413, respectively.


    • Because ratings are meant for advertisers, not viewers – and we don’t really have commercial networks with national coverage? For example 9 don’t care unless you’re watching 9 – even if you’re watching the same programmes on WIN – because WIN viewing doesn’t sell advertising on 9; likewise, 7 & Prime, or 10 & SC10/WIN (depending on region).

      Similarly, the US doesn’t really have “National” ratings – they report ratings separately for “network” & “affiliate” stations (though the “network” figure is often quoted as the national figure).

      Other places (e.g. UK, NZ, DE, etc.) report “National” ratings because they have several truly national networks with near-100% coverage.

  1. “OzTAM’s metropolitan panel is also increasing to 5,250 homes and its STV panel to 2,120 from the present 3,500 and 1,413, respectively.”

    Will be interesting to see whether this sudden influx of new participants changes the results in the new year. I’ve always thought the long contracts of the participants skews it for too long. i.e. if the overall balance is not properly representative, then that gets reflected for a very long time.

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