Returning: Insight

Insight returns for 2017 tomorrow with a Valentine’s Day episode.

Host Jenny Brockie talks to single Australians to find out why they are so single…

Being single on the most romantic day of the year isn’t always easy unless, you’ve proudly chosen to be single and relish being home alone while staying clear of restaurants full of loved-up couples having swanky, overpriced dinners.

This Valentine’s Day, Insight explores why singledom is on the rise in Australia and why are more and more people are choosing to live alone. By 2030, 30 per cent of all households in this country will be single person households. But does this mean coupling up is passé?

We examine the pressures on singles who come from cultural backgrounds that view marriage as the ultimate destination and why some say that dating apps, though promising true love, are actually contributing to the rise of the single person.

This Insight episode explores why people are single for longer periods, both young and old. Is it by choice or circumstance? We ask whether modern singletons are actually content with their lot.

8:30pm Tuesday on SBS.

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