Police want to hear back from Million Dollar Cold Case caller

Detectives involved with Million Dollar Cold Case are urging a caller to contact them again tonight, after information following the story on murdered nurse Ina-Doris Warrick.

A person contacted police during last week’s program with information that a known suspect for the murder had confessed to killing her.

Victoria Police are asking that person to contact them again tonight to speak directly to a Cold Case investigator.

Police are grateful for the information they are receiving on cases profiled.

In the Margaret and Seana Tapp case, police also have a strong lead regarding a suspect and a motive for the murders, as well as information about the red ute seen outside their home.

But they also need the person who contacted them last Thursday, to make contact again tonight to speak to an investigator.

Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000

Tonight the show features three more cases:

David Beer
In February 1994 David Beer was shot dead on his tractor as he slashed grass outside his country property. His body was found 12 hours later by a passing motorist. A farmer and real estate agent, David had been feuding with a neighbour for years. The murder weapon was a high-powered military style rifle – common among farmers. As part of the original investigation police examined more than 750 rifles in the vicinity. The murder weapon is yet to be found. Was David’s death an accident – or murder?

Bernard Williams
Divorcee Bernard Williams was a popular young footballer and local tradie who had everything to live for. In March 1984 when the reliable father of one didn’t turn up for work, his family reported him missing. Later that morning his much-loved car was discovered abandoned at the local shops. His disappearance was a true mystery, heightened when a man claiming to be Bernard rang local police to say he was safe. But no one was prepared for what was to come…

Rosamaria Lauria
Rosamaria Lauria, 68, spent most of her life in Australia caring for her elderly mother until her mother’s death. On the afternoon of 9 October 2006 Rosie left home to do some shopping, but never returned. That evening firemen responded to a triple zero call at a suburban beach 70km from Rosamaria’s home. What they saw led to a hunt for those responsible for one of the country’s most barbaric and sadistic murders. A week later DNA tests confirmed the body was Rosie. She had been burned alive. Why was Rosie in Frankston, how did she get there, and who and why did someone set her alight?

9pm April 4 on Seven.


  1. I love it.

    Glad to see it rated almost 700k (9pm to 11pm) last week too!

    Cold cases are so intriguing but so tragic, especially for the families and frustrating for Police.

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