Injunction to halt Sunday Night story fails

There was always going to be fallout over Sunday Night and 60 Minutes both chasing the Cassie Sainsbury story in head to head stories last night.

Lawyers for Sainsbury tried to stop a Sunday Night story going to air with a failed court injunction yesterday -despite her fiance Scott Broadbridge co-operating with producers. He told reports Denholm Hitchcock -bizarrely- that he has not been paid for the interview.

A judge ruled against the injunction application, allowing Seven to screen its report which raised questions about whether she had been working for cleaning company owned by her uncle. He denied the claim, while Sainsbury’s own father said his daughter and fiance had been planning a trip to Colombia months earlier.

Nine not only revealed Broadbridge was himself a person of interest to Colombian authorities but alleged Sainsbury has a ‘secret’ past as a sex worker in a Sydney brothel.

An unidentified co-worker told reporter Tom Steinfort that Sainsbury had flown in from Adelaide for clients, but had lied about her mother being ‘dead.’

60 Minutes Liam Bartlett and producers took Sainsbury’s mother and sister to Bogota, where they met her behind prison walls.

Sainsbury is facing a minimum of 21 years and 4 months if convicted.

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