Massive Bluey ratings top Sunday

A huge 2.29m average viewers watch two broadcasts of Bluey. Farmer Wants a Wife outranks Lego Masters.

Bluey has topped National TV Audience ratings with 2.29m viewers across two broadcasts on Sunday.

It marks the first time the show has topped OzTAM TV audience ratings, due to its 28 minute length -normally the show is not reported due to a running time of less than 10 minutes.

Meanwhile in the reality TV battle Farmer Wants a Wife drew 1.12m viewers, eclipsing Lego Masters (874,000) and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here‘s 650,000. UK drama Call the Midwife was fourth in the slot at 627,000.

Later Vera was a winner at 864,000 then 60 Minutes (605,000) and Spotlight (547,000).

Seven News won the 6pm news battle at 1.35m pipping Nine News‘ 1.33m. Nine News Late was 313,000 while The Latest was 301,000.

ABC News was high at 930,000. Compass was 309,000 on a night when ABC was a close third to Nine share.

The Sunday Project drew 359,000 then 10 News First (354,000 / 256,000). FBI managed 284,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News 241,000 / 191,000 and Lost Temples of Cambodia 136,000 across three episodes.

National Total TV: Sunday 14 April 2024

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  1. Good on Bluey!!! Such a great show regardless of how old you are. I always enjoy it. I will say though I think its a bit of a cop out that shows 10 minutes or less doesn’t get recognised in the ratings but they can do these 1 minute reach figures. They really need to change this.

    1. Bluey and other ABC2 shows always used to be counted. 7 & 9 have just constructed a way to cut Bluey because it out rates their shows, and publish meaningless reach figures to mislead people about the popularity of their shows.

  2. Great figure for Bluey. Well done. We watched Bluey via ABC iView in the Sunday evening. Does this mean it is included in the figures you published David?

  3. I’m not liking or understanding the reach figures. Lego beating Farmer in reach doesn’t make sense because Farmer had such higher ratings, to me Farmer is the real winner on the night. Am I right in saying it’s the national figure that is the actual ratings figure for the 7:30 time slot that night?
    Do we need to see reach, is it accurate, how do they get that figure? Catch up/steaming I see is seperate. Which column is more important the reach or national figure? I am on the production side so me no understand.

    1. National TV Audience is an average (metro + regional + BVOD) which a lot of execs I have spoken to state is the best representation. Reach is just 1 minute of viewing (or 15 secs BVOD) so it can be high due to the previous show.


      1. Oh ok I get it, thanks David.
        I will just look at the National Figure for true ratings now. Reach seems a bit loose.
        Shame we can’t see cap cities anymore but viewers are viewers wherever you live nationally now.

  4. Agree with comments re Seven’s second quarter- Nine look stuffed until after the Olympics. Especially if Seven can successfully launch Dancing with the Stars and Dream Home off the back of Farmer.

  5. As TVT mentions above, I think it’s been missed today with all the news ….. But that’s a very nice launch for Farmer and an easy winner. Seven would at least have a bit of a spring in their step about that. Lego’s shine has faded, certainly since its mega hit initial seasons. Will be a competitive Q2, AFL and Seven’s other shows will aid them, Nine might have to wait until Origin and Paris Olympics now.

  6. OzTam under the previous reports used to list Bluey in its multi-channel rankings. So this is just a new thing since VOZ reports came on about not reporting shows less than 10 minutes?

  7. Love that it ranked as #5 for the day in reach – despite having a 2.29m viewers… good job VOZ…

    It’s the first time in VOZ that I’ve noticed a show’s audience higher than its reach – esp within a day. Lots of families watching it again! Now that’s what I call engagement.

  8. This new ratings system is a joke if it doesn’t count shows that are 10 mins or less … along with a bunch of other reasons.

    Unless Bluey goes to a movie (which is an almost certainty given these figures) it will never get a mention again … and we have another new episode next week … like I said, a absolute & complete joke!!!

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