Val Jellay in intensive care

Veteran showbiz performer Val Jellay, mother of Marty Fields has been hospitalised with pneumonia, at age 89.

Marty Fields shared news online:

Peter Ford told The Morning Show, the former Flying Doctors star is one of the last vaudeville veterans.

“She is Marty’s mum and she was married to Maurie Fields… it’s a real showbiz dynasty, if you like.

“Up until only 2 or 3 years ago I’d see her out and about all the time. She’d love to get to the opening nights, always look a million bucks, all dolled up,” he said.

“Val and Maurie were on the Tivoli circuit, the vaudeville circuit. When TV began they could take their act and schtick onto the TV screens. The Flying Doctors was a big hit for Val and Maurie together.”


  1. I remember well photographing Val and Maurie (for newspaper The Border Mail) when they visited Albury more than 20 years ago. They’re two of the lovliest showbiz people I’ve met – a genuine, welcoming couple who welcomed the reporter and I into their motel room with boundless friendliness and warmth. Val and Maurie – class, modesty and graciousness personified.

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