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Ok there’s a lot of TV sites on the internet, right? You’ve seen the message boards. You’ve read the news articles. You’ve got your EPG site that tells you what’s on the box (this week). You’re up to date on the reviews and the ratings -but somehow it’s still not enough.

I’ve seen what’s on offer and I reckon there’s room for more.

Almost nobody ever tells you what’s on TV beyond the next seven days. And who’s there to chase up the network to see if you’re favourite show is coming back? Why didn’t somebody trawl through the schedule and tell you about guest stars worth catching? Tired of paying for glossy mags that seemingly love every show they feature? And where is the lowdown on new previews for Aussie TV?

TV Tonight aims for this and more…

In the last seven days alone I’ve been privvy to the premiere episode of Foxtel’s new Dangerous, three episodes of Shakespeare Retold, two weeks of 2007 Neighbours, Kidnapped (ABC), Supernatural, Will & Grace, and three episodes of Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From The Short Stories of Stephen King (shot right here in Melbourne). All of them before they aired.

I deal with the networks on a daily basis as part of my research, and receive previews, guides, amendments, news, ratings, download sneak peeks as part of my media commentary for JOY 94.9FM, Screen Hub and MCV. In just over three years I’ve conducted interviews with an array of talking heads including Margaret Pomeranz, The Amazing Race‘s Phil Keoghan, Toni Pearen, Andrew G, Daniel McPherson, Pete Smith, Queer as Folk‘s Peter Paige and Harris Allan, Prisoner’s Val Lehman, Neighbour’s Ian Smith and Jackie Woodburne, Rove McManus, Livinia Nixon, Tom Williams, John Safran, Julia Zemiro, Moira, Lisa McCune, Jamie Durie…. can we say name dropping? Ok sure, but I also talk to the people behind the scenes. The network publicists, at all five networks plus Foxtel. I’ve spoken to programmers, directors, writers and creators.

And I’ve finally figured out that I need a blog to document it all, so here is where you fit in.

TV Tonight is here to give you the lowdown on what’s on Aussie telly, and more importantly what’s coming up. While I find my blogging feet feel free to give me some feedback or shoot me a question, I’ll do what I can to find an answer. If you’re reading this outside Melbourne, the majority of it should still apply. With the exception of sport, networks almost always programme with a national view.

I want to see more Australian drama on the box (and 07 finally looks like there’s some terrific stuff coming up). But TV criticism is sometimes way too serious, so I’ll be chucking in the odd frivolous idea just for the sake of it too.

I do luv my telly, it’s just that sometimes I get just as irate as I do passionate!

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