Snip and Tuck… but no Nip

This is just getting ridiculous.

In the latest amendment to Nine’s late night schedule it will introduce the reality series Snip and Tuck: Miami at 10:35pm from Monday March 5.

The show is described as “Nip / Tuck meets Extreme Makeover in this series that follows the real drama 24/7 in New York plastic surgery clinics. We get up close and personal with the wealthy plastics surgeons as they transform and reshape their patients who embark on a emotional journey to change and improve their lives. The cast of surgeons and patients let us into their world to follow the journey from consultation to recovery.

But where’s Nip / Tuck, dropped from the very same timeslot?

The change really just rubs salt in the wounds of aggrieved fans of Nip / Tuck still waiting to find out the identity of the serial attacker, ‘The Carver’, after episodes were pulled mid-series.

Nip / Tuck’s unmasking of the Carver on the FX Network in the US achieved 5.2m viewers, making it the most-watched episode of an original series in FX’s history.

In other changes Nine will also add True CSI, a forensic investigation series at 10:30 from Sunday March 4.

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