No plans for Hamish Blake for Olympics or Celebrity Gogglebox

"I focus pretty hard on being unbusy," says Lego Masters host.

He’s one of Nine’s most popular faces, but Hamish Blake will not be seconded to their Olympics broadcast -and he has no issue with that.

“I’m happy to have watch it with the kids on on the TV. Channel Nine was able to find people with sporting knowledge. I’m sure the team has got it covered,” he told TV Tonight.

The Lego Masters host also doesn’t plan to return to Celebrity Gogglebox.

“It was partly a scheduling thing and partly that I think everyone thought it was fun to keep cycling through other people for the purposes of that.

“But it was very fun. Just the fact that you get to sit down and watch all that TV was actually quite a fun thing to do.”

In fact Lego Masters‘ Executive Producer David McDonald (son of comedian Garry) also produces Gogglebox.

“Quite often when we’re on the set of Lego. I’ll see him sitting in the corner giggling at looking at the edits for future episodes of Gogglebox.

With filming of Lego Masters completed, Blake has turned his attention back to Hamish & Andy projects.

“Now we’re back to the gruelling, one day a week of podcasting, that’s a real shock to the system,” he said.

“To be honest I put a lot of weight in being not busy, especially with little kids, I focus pretty hard on being unbusy.

“So honestly, my days at the moment, if I can make drop off and pick up for school and be there in the morning in the afternoon, I feel like I’m winning.”

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