Seven taps into The Marlow Murder Club on Tuesday

Uk mystery drama did good business ahead of the return of The Cheap Seats.

A new British drama did good business last night for Seven, managing to upstage the return of a 10 favourite.

Farmer Wants a Wife again topped entertainent at 986,000 viewers in National TV Audience.

Lego Masters (709,000), 7:30 (671,000), MasterChef Australia (655,000) all followed.

UK mystery series The Marlow Murder Club pulled a cool 533,000 ahead of The Cheap Seats return on 450,000 then Clarkson’s Farm (400,000), This is Going to Be Big (400,000) and Creative Types with Virginia Trioli.

Seven News topped the night at 1.42m for Seven then Home & Away (874,000) and The Chase (695,000). Code Blue: Killing of June Fox-Roberts managed 218,000.

Nine News averaged 1.25m with A Current Affair winning at 1.08m then Tipping Point (693,000). Opal Hunters: Red Dirt Trip was 215,000.

ABC News scored 868,000. Hard Quiz (375,000) and The Whitely Art Scandal (141,000) followed.

The Project was 357,000 then 10 News First and Deal or No Deal (both 339,000). NCIS was 178,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (208,000 / 168,000), Insight (157,000), and Great British Railway Journeys (148,000).

Sunrise: 401,000
Today: 351,000
News Breakfast: 248,000

National Total TV: Tuesday 30 April 2024

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  1. The later timeslot seems to be doing well when there are options that appeal to viewers.
    The problem I find is that the dramas are on too late and they are no longer a central part of programming, slotted in and for a short duration (compared to pervious 20 episode series) I respect that the soaps do anchor the schedule and are central to drama slates.
    Good to see that some dramas can rate well!

    1. Farmer is doing great so 9pm is good for a 1 hour drama like Marlow Murder Club. Seven bought the 3 episode edit instead of the 2*50m that ITV showed in the UK. The first ep. was fairly slow and deliberate, focusing on introducing the lead and then the two others who we know are going to help her solve the case.

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