Team USA wins Lego Masters: Australia v the World

Krystle & Michelle become first ever all-female team to win a Lego Masters series worldwide.

Team USA Krystle & Michelle have won Lego Masters: Australia v the World in the season finale on Nine.

Germany’s Felix & Annalena took out second place while the remaining Aussies, mother and son, Dianne & Shane finished in third place.

Krystle and Michelle become the first ever all-female team to win a Lego Masters title anywhere in the world, taking out the Lego-made trophy and a A$100,000 prize.

The finale saw the remaining three times given 28 hours to build whatever they wanted, with 100 votes allocated by (tearful) judge Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught and 200 votes from the kid-friendly public in attendance -plus guest Sophie Monk.

Krystle & Michelle designed a life-size “Artist Studio” from Lego blocks, which had been taken over by mini figures. That entailed Lego bricks to replicate bricks in a life-size wall.

Team Germany created a “Fairy Village” with a giant white mythical creature while the Aussies designed a “Final Frontier” depicting a spaceman who had crash-landed on a foreign planet, with a floating alien castle in the distance.

Krystle and Michelle said, “Over the course of the series and building together for the first time, the respect we have for each other is like no other. We were determined to give it everything we had and we are proud to be the first ever all-female team to hoist a Lego Masters Australia trophy.”

Brickman said: “It was super exciting having teams from other countries come and do Lego Masters Australia, mainly because whilst Lego is universal and doesn’t have a language, every country’s builders bring a different and unique style.

“Krystle and Michelle certainly did that, which made for some amazing builds. Not only did they blow us away with their builds, I think I learnt from them too.”

The series wraps Nine’s sixth season of Lego Masters, intermittently teasing the Olympics for Nine, but one which has also been eclipsed by Seven’s Farmer Wants a Wife -a former Nine brand.

Not even the Danes could have predicted that…

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