Buy up, Birdsworth!

All 692 episodes of the acclaimed / trashy / campy / ground-breaking series Prisoner are about to be released on DVD.

That’s a whopping 179 discs for addicted fans of Bea, Lizzie and Doreen.

Start saving your cigarettes now, you have until September 14 to rack up just $1599! Practically a steal?

This is the first time an entire Australian serial is being released on DVD.

Prisoner (aka Prisoner Cell Block H) ran for 8 years from 1979 – 1986 across 692 episodes. “The Complete Collection” brings together all 692 episodes on 179 DVDs with a special commemorative book, commissioned for the project all packaged together in a collectible and unique box that every Prisoner fan will want to own.

Prisoner was the first Aussie soap to make it big overseas, where it screened in prime time on US television.

Remind me to tell you about my visit to the set one day. I’ve still got some old photos somewhere too. Bea Smith grabbing me in a headlock on the set is still a bit of a prized possession. It only took me 25+ years to get her to sign the thing too!


  1. at $1599 for the set it only works out at around $9 a disc.. mind you as much as I was a Prisoner fan i don’t think i’d be queuing up for the 179 disc box set.. i’ve bought the few box sets that have come out already but that will probably do me..

  2. This is kind of old news, but I’m wondering who’d be mental enough to fork over $1599 for this. 😐

    Since that’s only the RRP, I reckon most department stores will drop a couple of $100 from the price when it goes on sale later this year. πŸ˜‰

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