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[SBS/10:00pm] Naked World. This documentary traces controversial American photographer Spencer Tunick’s year-long journey creating “Nude Adrift”, a project spanning nine countries on seven continents including Brazil, South Africa, Canada, Antarctica, Russia, Great Britain and Australia. From the shanty towns and golf courses of South Africa’s Cape Town to surprising reluctance from locals in libertine Paris to huge crowds of supporters in Montréal and Melbourne, Naked World traces the struggles and triumphs of Tunick’s overall vision. (From the US, in English) (Documentary) (Rpt) M (N) CC

[Ovation/7:30pm] Inside the Actors Studio. Edward Norton.

[Seven/12:00pm] Movie: Misery (US 1990) KATHY BATES and JAMES CAAN star in this psychological thriller about a novelist who finds himself held hostage by his unstable “number one” fan. Also starring RICHARD FARNSWORTH, FRANCES STERNHAGEN, LAUREN BACALL and GRAHAM JARVIS. Rpt.

[ABC/6:30pm] Can We Help? One of the most puzzling missing person cases this country has ever seen occurred when former Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt, disappeared off Cheviot Beach in Victoria in 1966. What was in his briefcase the day he died and does it hold any clues to the state of his mind? Retired Scotland Yard Detective, Robin Napper, investigates.
[ABC/8:30pm] Murphy’s Law. Murphy (James Nesbitt) is recruited to be part of an Interpol operation to infiltrate an international gang of car thieves and finds himself paired up with philosophising French agent, Benoit (William Nadylam). Posing as an expert car thief, Murphy sets out to impress the brains behind the car scam, Godfrey Raines (Raad Rawi). Raines and his cohorts steal top of the range cars, give them a new identity and then export them. Murphy soon amasses enough evidence to nail Raines but Benoit stalls the arrest and Murphy realises that Benoit has a hidden agenda. Angry with being kept in the dark, Murphy threatens to abandon the operation but Benoit still refuses to tell him the truth – until his secrecy puts both their lives in danger.
[ABC/9:20pm] Spooks. As a result of recent terror attacks, the British public have become fearful and increasingly conservative. Attacks and riots against the asylum seekers are common and when a conservative MP crosses the floor to join a far right party, The British Way, M15 realise democracy is being threatened. Adam goes underground in The British Way and is given the task of turning a politically correct racist back to his aggressive roots whilst Fiona, posing as a lobbyist, undermines the MP in Westminster and Zaf embarks on a dirty tricks campaign. The operation works perfectly but perhaps too effectively. The racist returns to his roots, entraps Adam and Ruth before hunting them down for sport. Stars Rupert Penry-Jones (Adam Carter), Olga Sosnovska (Fiona Carter) and Raza Jaffrey (Zaf).

[Nine/7:00pm] FINA Swimming Championships.
[Nine/9:10pm] Movie: Down with Love. Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor star in this snazzy sex comedy with Renee as the new girl in New York and Ewan as the man just dying to manhandle her. She’s written a scandalous book telling women to have sex the way men do – no love needed – and he’s a hot journalist determined to expose her, one way or another. The perfect match meets the perfect catch as they both get down – and dirty – with love. Also stars David Hyde Pierce and Tony Randall. Sexual References [S]

[Ten/6:30pm] Neighbours. Ramsay Street mourns one of its favourite sons.
[Ten/7:30pm] ‘Australian Idol: Night Of My Life’
[Ten/10:30pm] Veronica Mars. “Welcome Wagon” Guest: Charisma Carpenter. Episode one of the final series?
[Ten/1:30am Sat] Fat Actress. Final. “Hold This”
[Ten/4:00am Sat] The 4400. Series Return. “Blink” Guest: Brian Dennehy.

[Nine/10:30pm] The Music Zoo. Premiere. The Music Zoo is a mix of the hottest music clips, behind the scenes features plus viewers own performance videos. Hosted by Asha Kuerten. Sexual References [S] Mild Coarse Language [L]

[SBS/2:55pm] The Understudy. In October 2004, Simon O’Neill – a rising star from Ashburton, New Zealand – flew to New York, prepared to understudy one of the world’s greatest ever opera singers, Placido Domingo, in a series of at The Metropolitan Opera. For O’Neill, the call to understudy Domingo was the biggest break so far in a career that some critics tip to go all the way. Domingo himself went from obscurity to fame overnight at the Met when, as a young understudy he was called upon to step in at the last minute. The film profiles O’Neill during the 2004 Die Walküre season as he comes to terms with the exacting demands of the Met. (From the UK, in English) (Documentary) PG

[Seven/11:45pm] Movie: Igby Goes Down. (US 2002) Igby Slocumb is a rebellious and sarcastic seventeen-year-old boy, who is at war with the stifling world of ‘old money’ privilege he was born in to. With a schizophrenic father, a self-absorbed distant mother, and a shark-like young republican big brother, Igby figures there must be a better life out there – and sets about finding it. Starring KIERAN CULKIN, CLAIRE DANES, JEFF GOLDBLUM, JARED HARRIS, AMANDA PEET, RYAN PHILLIPPE, BILL PULLMAN, SUSAN SARANDON, RORY CULKIN, PETER ANTHONY TAMBAKIS, BILL IRWIN, KATHLEEN GATI, GANNON FORRESTER, CELIA WESTON and ELIZABETH JAGGER.

[Ten/3:00pm] TEN’s Saturday Afternoon AFL “AFL Premiership Season – Round 1 – Kangaroos V Collingwood”
[Ten/6:30pm] Before the Game. New Series. All the latest news on AFL from the very hilarious Peter Helliar, Andrew Maher, Dave Hughes, Sam Lane and Lehmo
[Ten/7:00pm] TEN’s Saturday Night AFL. Live. AFL Premiership Season – Round 1 – Sydney V West Coast”

[ABC/9:30pm] The West Wing. The Attorney General pressures Toby to reveal his source on the shuttle leak. Meanwhile, Santos continues his dizzying tour criss-crossing the country visiting the top five states: California, Ohio, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania. The Santos campaign bus is abuzz when rock star Jon Bon Jovi comes aboard to lend his support and perform part of his song “Welcome to Wherever You Are”. In the series’ 150th episode, the night before Election Day becomes even more meaningful for two staffers. Josh stresses over everything and just about bursts a valve, while C.J. is faced with numerous future job offers. Annabeth makes a startling, heart-breaking discovery. Special guest star: Jon Bon Jovi. Stars Martin Sheen, Stockard Channing, Allison Janney, John Spencer, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford, Dulé Hill, Janel Moloney, Mary McCormack, Joshua Malina, Kristin Chenoweth, Alan Alda, Jimmy Smits, Teri Polo, Janeane Garofalo.

[SBS/9:30pm] Rockwiz. Tonight’s episode features Serena Ryder and Lior.
[SBS/10:20pm] Classic Albums: Queen- A Night At The Opera will show you the story behind the making of Queen’s breakout release of 1975 “A Night at The Opera”. This album was not only the bands first platinum album, but it was also the one that catapulted them into the spotlight as one of the biggest rock acts in the world. Classic Albums: Queen- A Night At The Opera is the story behind the recording of Queen’s 1975 breakthrough album. This spectacular retrospective includes all-new interviews and acoustic performances by guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. It also includes commentary by producer Roy Thomas Baker, and an in-depth analysis of all 12 songs – including their musical make-up and personal undercurrents. Queen- A Night At The Opera also includes appearances by Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme, and Mott the Hoople’s Ian Hunter, new acoustic performances of ’39 and Good Company by Brian May, plus archival performance and interview footage of the late Freddie Mercury. Also featuring excerpts from: Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…) • Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon • I’m In Love With My Car • You’re My Best Friend • ’39 • Sweet Lady • Seaside Rendezvous • The Prophet’s Song • Love Of My Life • Good Company • Bohemian Rhapsody • God Save The Queen. Now, for the first time, fans are offered an in-depth look at one of rock music’s seminal records with the Classic Albums: Queen- A Night At The Opera.
[SBS/11:15pm] SOS. Shorts On Screen – STARFLY – Bobby Baxter, an astronaut who has been travelling through space for ages, is forced to return to earth. Single, without friends or family, except for his alcoholic father, Bobby has to face the hard realities of life… (From Luxembourg, in English); EMI – A Dada fantasy where a young Japanese boy, venturing through Vienna to the music of Mozart, meets a talking chicken dressed in stylish chicken suit. (From Austria in Japanese and Turkish); CHYENNE – On the bleak lawn between two block of flats of a deserted housing estate, a little girl – Chyenne – sneaks up to a raven and starts a strange game… Chyenne won Best Short Film at Swiss Film Award Solothurner Filmtage, Switzerland 2005 (From Switzerland) (Rpt); FISH – A boy who turns treasure into trash meets a girl who thinks she is trash. Together they explore each others wastelands. (From Australia, in English) (Rpt); BOY MEETS GIRLS STORIES – BARCELONA – A young man is reminiscing about all the girls he has loved. (From the Netherlands, in Dutch); WOMAN AND GRAMOPHONE – A woman uses various objects on a turntable to listen the soundtrack of her life. Screened at Cannes 2006. (From Sweden) (Rpt)

[Biography/7:30pm] Inside the Actors Studio. Elton John.

[Ovation/8:30pm] Movie: Pennies from Heaven (US 1981)

[Seven/11:00am] Movie: Trekkies (US 1997) TREKKIES. DENISE CROSBY of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ hosts this intriguing and often-humorous documentary about the Star Trek ‘fan-omenon’. Interviewing hundreds of devoted fans and cast members including LEONARD NIMOY, DEFOREST KELLEY, WALTER KOENIG and BRENT SPINER, the film creates an entertaining and endearing portrait of a series which touched the lives of people around the world.
[Seven/1:00pm] Movie: Dynasty: Making Of A Guilty Pleasure (US 2005) Home and Away’s HOLLY BRISLEY stars in the inside true story of the making of the blockbuster prime-time television series that defined a decade. From it’s development between warring producers, to the powerhouse addition named Joan Collins who made it must-see TV, to the controversial casting of Rock Hudson, Dynasty is ripe with greed, manipulation, sex, power, and scandalous screen and off. Also starring PAMELA REED, ALICE KRIGE, MELORA HARDIN, BARTHOLOMEW JOHN and RICHIE SINGER. Rpt.
[Seven/6:30pm] Cirque Du Soleil Presents Quidam. Cirque du Soleil has dazzled audiences around the world with its astonishing, eccentric and high energy performances combining breathtaking acrobatics, brilliant light displays, spectacular costumes and bewitching music.
[Seven/9:30pm] What About Brian? What About The Wedding…On the day of Marjorie and Adam’s wedding, Brian struggles again with his feelings for Marjorie while Adam confronts her about the past. Nicole gets an unexpected call from her husband Angelo who is still in Italy.
[Seven/10:30pm] Cheaters. The reality television show that confronts infidelity and the breach of trust in an effort to expose relationship problems and help empower the injured party. TOMMY GRAND.
[Seven/1:20am Mon] Movie: The Patty Duke Show: Still Rockin’ In Brooklyn Heights. The original cast members from the classic television series resurrect their characters, including Patty Duke in her legendary dual role as identical cousins Patty and Cathy Lane. This time the family reconvenes in New York in order to surprise Patty, and end up battling her old arch-nemesis Sue Ellen, who is intent on having the high school torn down. Starring PATTY DUKE, CINDY WILLIAMS, EDDIE APPLEGATE, ALAIN GOULEM, WILLIAM SCHALLERT, JEAN BYRON, JANE MCGREGOR, KENT RILEY and PAUL O’KEEFE.

[Nine/12:30pm] Standing On The Outside. The Songs Of Cold Chisel. Dubbed by many as the best rock band Australia has ever seen, Cold Chisel and their musical legacy carries on to this day. Standing On the Outside – The Songs of Cold Chisel, highlights our hottest current music acts, as they rediscover Chisel’s classic songs by way of a nostalgic tribute album.
[Nine/1:00pm] Movie: Easter Parade. It’s Easter 1911 and dancer Don Hughes, annoyed because his partner Nadine has dumped him to pursue a solo career, declares that he can turn any chorus girl into a star. The girl he chooses to mould into his new “Nadine” is Hannah Brown. Song, dance and romance follow, with many misunderstandings along the way. Stars Judy Garland, Fred Astaire and Ann Miller.
[Nine/3:30pm] Joan of Arcadia. Feeling jealous over Adam’s attachment to Iris through their shared passion for art, Joan attempts to impress him by becoming the school yearbook photographer. Stars Amber Tamblyn, Mary Steenburgen and Joe Mantegna.
[Nine/4:30pm] Gilmore Girls. Miss Patty celebrates forty years in show business on the same day Luke mourns his father’s death.

[ABC/7:30pm] Constructing Australia: A Wire Through The Heart. Australia in the mid 1800s was a land isolated by distance but John McDouall Stuart’s incredible crossing of this inhospitable land enabled Charles Todd to construct a telegraph line through the heart of the continent.
[ABC/8:30pm] Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. As a blizzard descends on the isolated village of Sittaford, Miss Marple (Geraldine McEwan) is a guest at Sittaford House, a lonely mansion on the moors. The owner, Clive Trevelyan (Timothy Dalton), an eminent politician tipped to be the next Prime Minister, insists on spending the night at the Three Crowns Inn in Exhampton six miles away, much to the puzzlement of his best friend Enderby (Mel Smith). A long evening trapped indoors as a result of the snow begins to take a sinister turn when a box of Turkish delight meant for Trevelyan is found to be poisoned and a ouija board spells out that he will be murdered that night. The ouija board is proved correct when Trevelyan is found dead in his room with a knife in his chest and a mysterious smile on his face. Trevelyan’s alcoholic ward, Jim Pearson (Laurence Fox) is the main suspect. His feisty fiancée Emily (Zoe Telford) is determined to prove his innocence and, aided by both eager journalist Charles Burnaby (James Murray) and Miss Marple, sets about piecing together the mysterious events of that night, which involve a secret marriage, Winston Churchill (Robert Hardy), an escaped convict and a priceless Egyptian artefact. Potential suspects include Inn keeper Stanley Kirkwood (James Wilby), local birdwatcher Evadne Willett (Patricia Hodge), her daughter Violet (Carey Mulligan), American businessman Martin Zimmerman (Michael Brandon) and his doctor Ambrose Burt (Paul Kaye).
[ABC/10:40pm] Amelia. Modern dance piece by Edouard Lock and the dance troupe ‘La La La Human Steps’. Set to music by David Lang with words by Lou Reed. Rpt.

[SBS/10:30pm] Movie: Pope John Paul II. Shot on location in Krakow, Poland and in Italy, the two-part mini-series, Pope John Paul II will screen on SBS Television over two consecutive Sunday nights, beginning Easter Sunday, 1 April at 10pm. Historians at the Vatican provided script consultation for the series, and exclusive footage was filmed on St Peter’s Square, in the Sistine Chapel and in surrounding areas of the Vatican. Cary Elwes portrays Karol Wojtyla from age 18 to 50, in the years prior to being elected Pope on 16th October, 1978. Academy Award winner and multiple Golden Globe Award winner, Jon Voight portrays him during his extraordinary 26 year reign that ended with the Pontiff’s death on 2nd April, 2005. The cast also includes Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award nominee James Cromwell (Babe, The Queen), Emmy Award winner and Tony Award nominee Ben Gazzara (Dogville, The Big Lebowsky) as well as Christopher Lee (The Lord of the Rings). Pope John Paul II is a two-part drama series about a man whose papal odyssey encompassed more than 120 countries and earned him the reputation of an international fighter for freedom. It follows Karol Wojtyla’s journey from his youth in Poland through his last days on the Chair of St. Peter and explores the 264th Pope’s fascinating life behind the scenes: how he managed to touch the hearts of millions of people and change the face of the church and the world; how he defended the dignity of mankind against Nazism, Communism and consumerism; and how he successfully related to people of all ages. The series begins on the eve of the German invasion of Poland. The charismatic Karol Wojtyla is passionate about literature, the theatre and poetry. Along with his friends, he covertly resists the systematic persecution of Polish culture and joins the clandestine Catholic resistance. To the amazement of his friends, Karol announces his intention to enter the church. Thus begins the extraordinary career of a man who at the age of 38 became the country’s youngest bishop. REVIEW.

[Ten/7:30pm] The Biggest Loser.
[Ten/8:30pm] Rove. New Series.
[Ten/9:30pm] Pussycat Dolls: Search for the Next Doll. REVIEW.

[Showtime/8:30pm] Movie: Four Brothers (US 2005) Mark Wahlberg.
[Fox Classics/8:30pm] Movie: All That Jazz
[Arena/7:30pm] How To Find a Husband and What To Do If You Can’t

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    I now vote this the best drama on television … and I have only been watching it the past couple of months. Better than all the crime dramas (boring!) and medical dramas (gross!) put together. Even better than my other favourite Brothers and Sisters.
    These two epidodes had me so connected to the emotion of the drama that I was on the edge of tears all the way through and then lost it at the end … incredible writing and brilliant performances!

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