Sanjaya gives Idol a bad hair day

Move over William Hung. Sanjaya is here.

American Idol, fresh from a gossip about whether Ryan Seacrest might be gay or not, now has another reason to be discussed at the watercooler.

Sanjaya is 17 and cute as a button. He’s just not much of a singer….

Yet every week he is saved by public votes, and there is now a decided push to help the kid win. His charm, and his weekly-changing hairdos belie his vocal skills (which is sorta the whole point to the show). But although Idol is still America’s biggest show, there are many who deride it -gee that sounds familiar.

Now that legion of critics, including Howard Stern, is in a push to make “the worst singer win.” This is a clear case of an audience manipulating reality, instead of the reverse. It’s part of a push to bring Idol down, and this kid is the mascot. Or fall-guy. Or cause….

Pre-pubescent teenagers swoon at him performing. Fashion critics debate his styling. Some even say he is a camp icon like Liberace or Dame Edna. Sanjaya is becoming the most-talked about guy in the country. But how can you not love a guy who can make his hair do this?

Now have a listen to the poor kid sing.

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  1. well he’s certainly not a great singer, but not as hideous as i had expected him to be considering what i’d read about him.

    Probably no worse than Dean from Australian Idol last year who got as far as he did based on pretty boy looks and not a fantastic singing voice.

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