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More girls, more laughs, more info for Aussie blokes – promises Ralph TV.

It failed to mention more advertorial television. Don’t forget that the magazine is also a ACP publication, under the PBL banner.

The show is produced by Southern Star Endemol, who have dabbled in late night TV via Big Brother and The Up Late Game Show with Hotdogs.

Here’s a little more info on the new girly show that starts on Nine next week for those of you that are interested. Blokesworld, you have a lot to answer for.

Press Release:

RALPH TV, a unique13-part series based on RALPH, the best-selling Australian men’s magazine, will premiere on Thursday, June 7 at 11.00pm on Channel Nine, following the AFL and NRL versions of The Footy Show.

RALPH TV will be hosted by radio personality Craig (“Lowie”) Low, who will be joined by the magazine’s most popular girls, including Brooke Sheehan, Candice Manning and Angela Tsun. Like the magazine, the TV show will contain a winning mix of hot girls, outrageous stunts, laughs, adventure and lifestyle content for Aussie blokes. The new series is produced by Endemol SouthernStar, makers of Nine’s premier quiz show, 1 vs 100.

Nine Network Director of Programming, Michael Healy, said today: “We’re confident that the show will attract current readers of the magazine as well as a new audience that appreciates fun, humour and sport.

“RALPH TV will also benefit from a loyal and similar audience that tunes into The Footy Show every Thursday night.”

Michael Pickering, editor of RALPH, said the magazine now in its 10th year was taking a bold step into the future with a new look, a high-profile TV show and a dynamic online presence.

“Audiences will have the unique opportunity to interact with RALPH content on a range of levels. This means more girls, more laughs and more essential male information for Aussie blokes thanever before,” he said.

“I’ve never seen anything on Australian television like RALPH TV. We are very excited to be extending the magazine’s special blend of fun, humour and irreverence to the TV screen.” RALPH TV will launch alongside a new-look RALPH magazine (July issue, on sale June 4) which has been revamped with a different masthead, cleaner design and new sections.

A new-look RALPH web site will feature video segments from the magazine and TV show, exclusive content and a host of new features including blogs, games, slideshows and essential information such as bar and surf guides.

RALPH TV: premiering Thursday June 7, at 11.00pm on Channel Nine, following The Footy Show.

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