Ralph TV on Nine

Just when you thought Blokesworld had disappeared from our screens, it’s lovechild is coming: Ralph TV.

Yes this wondrous piece of entertainment will be seen on Nine Thursday nights right after The Footy Show. Figures.

Eddie, is this one of your legacies you spoke about?

Ralph, in case you hadn’t realised, is a busty PBL magazine, for men with a short attention span. The lovely Jordanna here is one of this month’s feature essays. Other articles in this month’s mag include a “special tribute to breasts, that part of a woman that we blokes develop a special bond with early in our lives and never really get over, a chat with Sam Newman, cars none of us can afford, our $1 hugs campaign and of course ‘babes galore.'”

Clearly, advertorial television is getting out of control. Will those anti-BB family protestors be writing to Helen Coonan over this one?

To be hosted by Austereo’s Craig Lowe, the show is described as one of Australia’s favourite magazines come to life as a weekly TV show full of pranks, stunts, babes, silliness and yes, even some very useful information. Hosted by Craig “Lowie” Lowe with the help of the girls from RALPH magazine. RALPHTV brings all the livewire energy of the best blokes in the country to the small screen.

Can’t hardly wait for that one.

Ralph TV premieres 11:15pm Thu June 7 on Nine.

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  1. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, DON’T WATCH IT!!! let people (guys AND girls)make up thier own minds, people may not be as stupid as you think-if they don’t like it, they wont watch it, therefore the ratings take a plummet and it gets taken off air! Oh and I think that girls being attacked has nothing to do with mens magazines or shows, I think it has more to do with an inadequate justice system. Also I would rather my daughter get out there and earn a decent living pole dancing etc to get through uni/better their life rather than sitting at home bitching about whats on the telly. Get out there and live life people!!

  2. Ralph TV should be banned!! I’m skinny and attractive, yet i still find this show offensive. To those men that have daughters i hope one day your daughters are pole dancers or on the cover of mens dirty mags, then maybe you will realise it’s not so nice to perve at half naked women! Double standards have to stop, unless they show both sexes naked then don’t show anything at all. These girls are only posing because they make shit loads of money, not because they love posing for men.Open your eyes and stop thinking through your P****’s!!!

  3. this is FILTHY!

    i would like to say a BIG thank you to the people who agree this shouldnt be going on.
    i dont think i know any girls besides my friends who still have their self respect. this topic really makes me angry! they wonder why girls are always getting raped, its becuase of STUPID PATHETIC magazines and tv shows like this that betray ALL women as stupid ditzy bitches who are all obsessed with sex. well NOT all girls are like that thank you. and its funny how men these days would pay $5 and up for a magazine, when most of the girls in them have be photoshoped so out of bounds that they look nothing like they do in real life, but hey if you pathetic guys would rather sit at home and get off to A BIT OF PAPER then you seriously need help! but just remember that girls in these magazines and tvs are FAKE! they are only their to get attention and to the guys who enjoy this kind of “entertainment” well i hope one day you open a magazine or turn on the tv and see your mother OR girlfriend taking up this slut trade and then see how much you would enjoy it.

  4. It’s not about growing up it’s about ceasing to make women out to be dumb morons. They make the males seem superior especially on this stupid show. This is the only way women feel that they can move up in the media industry and it’s ridiculous. Men don’t show their privates on tv do they..it’s not allowed! Jack is right,John Howard won’t take this off air because he probably likes watching women writhing around on beaches. On the other hand he’s a hypocrite he’s willing to ban big brother because it showed men’s privates.Oh that’s right because he’s homophobic too!I think if they show this then there should be equal shows to this but with males showing their bits…Talk about double standards .

  5. GROW UP EVERYONE who wants to ban this stuff, you women see alot of Topless men in TV why not have women the same thing, and at around 11:00 who really does care whats on then.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of skin anyways its natural so why not show it off, ITS YOU! your a human, why wouldn’t you wanna see your own race.

    Miss Nayre.

  6. Can’t wait to see this show. It should be pretty successful following the footy show too. These shows usually dont last that long but hopefully this one will be here for the long. I watch very little TV these days but I will definately be checking this one out. It should be an advertisers paradise. Get ready for the onslaught of SMS adverts!

  7. This show is a shameless attempt at a ratings grab by channel nine. They know that men are enticed by naked woman and are stupid enough to watch, so what time slot did they decide on? Yeah thats right straight after the footy show so all the male viewers will still be watching. Blokesworld was disgusting and degrading towards women and so is this show. Why are naked men never shown? I’ll tell you why, because the station is dominated by males. If this was your mum, sister or daughter on one of these shows would you like other men perving at them? Shows like this are futile and just make women seem less credible.

  8. great, just what people need yeah? more crap on tv, more figuires for people to base themselves on, this show is for dirty men.
    dirty dirty men.

  9. Sounds like a shameless copy of Blokesworld. What happened to that show anyway? What’s next? Zoo TV? As if Krystal isn’t already given enough screen time. 😛

    I doubt anybody would complain about this sort of show. I mean for God’s sakes, it’s rated MA15+. It should be the parent’s responsbility to keep children from staying up to watch these sorts of programs.

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