Age of Scud

Seven will air Age of Love featuring Mark Philipoussis next month.

The dating reality show which forces the tennis player to choose between women in their 20s, and women in their 40s, will screen from Thursday July 12.

Airtime is 9:30pm in Melbourne, Adelaide and perth and 8:30pm in Sydney and Brisbane.

Press Release:

Premiering on Seven Thursday July 12, Age of Love features a timely, unique twist on the reality dating show format. More than just a dating competition, it’s a social experiment based on the question: When it comes to falling in love, does age matter?

Australian tennis star, Mark Philippoussis, will date 13 women from two very different groups – the “Kittens”, six fun, enthusiastic women in their 20’s, and the “Cougars”, seven beautiful, sophisticated women in their 40’s. Overall, the women’s ages range from 21 to 48 years old. As the episodes unfold, Mark and the women eventually learn that they are all living in the same luxury high-rise building. In the end, both Mark and viewers will discover if love is truly ageless.

Despite the fact that the 31-year-old had never previously dated a woman who wasn’t younger than him, Philippoussis insists he doesn’t care about age. “Until now, the oldest woman I’ve ever gone out with was four years younger than me,” Philippoussis recently told People. “Age doesn’t matter to me. All the women are beautiful.”

Mark’s aggressive style of play soon helped him dominate Australian tennis and burst onto the international scene. By 1999, Mark had cracked the Top 10 in the world, becoming a household name almost overnight.

Mark turned professional in 1994. The next year, at the age of 19, he was the youngest player in the history of the sport to end the year in the top 50. In 1996, he upset Pete Sampras in the Australian Open, and in 2003, Mark advanced to the final at Wimbledon to face Roger Federer.

A self-professed “adrenaline junkie”, Mark has a penchant for all things fast – horses, planes, motorcycles and cars. All of Mark’s success hasn’t insulated him from the pitfalls of love. The lifestyle thrust upon him by his success – the travel, the instability – prevented him from solidifying a recent relationship.

He’s hoping that’s all about to change with Age Of Love.


  1. Poor Seven, they really seem to have stuffed up here, it will flop big time and to put it on before 10:30pm is a disgrace…..they mustn’t have any other shows to put on.

  2. What an absolute FUCKING Joke! Surely the program directors realise that if it has bombed in the U.S it’s more than likely to do the same here!

    The guy is a DICK and hardly the most popular sportment (Cough) in the country!

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