Jeepers. Seven’s creeper movie

There sure is some interesting stuff on telly this weekend.

Amongst some of the more dubious choices is Seven’s airing of Jeepers Creepers 2. The film is directed by Victor Salva who was convicted of pedophilia during an earlier film he made, “Clownhouse” in 1989. Salva pleaded guilty and served 15 months for charges relating to acts involving a child under the age of 14. He later made films for Disney which unsurprisingly led to a considerable public outcry. It will screen at 12:40am Sunday morning, but should Seven really be screening this? And if so, where would that leave films by Roman Polanski? A difficult decision, but one I’m guessing the Programming Department probably hasn’t considered.

Less controversial viewing this weekend includes a repeat of Eurovision, the introduction of Doctor Who’s new sidekick played by Freema Agyeman, the late night return of Living with Fran and a repeat of John Safran‘s exorcism episode.

Check out more highlights here.


  1. It’s a news point worth raising which is all I have done. I actually didn’t make any judgement about whether a network should or shouldn’t be showing it.

    Indeed, some may same the same of Woody Allen. Others may say “he’s served his time” and what’s the point of having a justice system if we don’t follow through on people repaying a debt to society?

    Life with Fran is early Monday morning check the listings for the weekend in earlier post.

  2. its a great movie, of course its a horrible thing about its direcor but the movie hasd many hundreds of other people working on it. to censor it would take away from their performances and they shouldnt jdge it on the bad past of one man.

  3. Not showing a movie because the direct was convicted of a crime? You can’t be serious! OK then, let’s not show any movie with Hugh Grant, he was arrested for indecent conduct with a prostitute. Perhaps programmers shouldn’t air The Simple Life of House of Wax considering they star Paris Hilton and she went to jail for drink driving. Or maybe Seven shouldn’t show Prison Break seasons one and the first few episodes of season two. The actor who plays Tweener, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, after hitting a young girl while drink driving.

    To suggest Seven should consider not showing a movie because a cast/crew member committed a crime is ignorant and just useless. Countless celebrities have committed crimes and they still work,they’re movies are still shown. I don’t condone what the director did, but it seems such a silly thing to suggest that a network shouldn’t air a movie because of it. I think the problem at hand with showing Jeepers Creepers 2 is more the fact that it aired around the same time last year. Or what about Rocky and Bullwinkle, which is airing on Ten on Sunday afternoon, the same movie aired less than six months ago…

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