Superfish on the Environment

Ian Thorpe’s latest venture with Foxtel will be an environmental documentary, Fish Out of Water.

He will travel around Australia highlighting eco-damage on Tasmania’s Blue Tier Rainforest, Western Australia’s Crystal Caves, Queensland’s Heron Island, the Murray River in country Victoria and Kakadu National Park.

Thorpe currently appears in recycling interstitials on The Weather Channel. His previous venture, a youth magazine-style series, was due to air after the Commonwealth Games but was shelved due to ill-health.

Seven recently re-ran his Undercover Angels in a late-night slot.

Press Release:

Australia’s greatest ever Olympian is back racing – this time against the environmental crisis clock – with his brand new two-hour documentary special FISH OUT OF WATER premiering on Thursday July 5, at 7:30pm EST, only on FOX8.

In his first major television project for FOXTEL, Ian Thorpe will race around the country to observe how Australia is being affected by the very real consequences of climate change.

Filmed entirely on location, the empowering FOX8 special will give viewers a glimpse into some of the most pristine areas this country has to offer while showing what impact our day to day existence has.

Thorpe will show viewers the measures already being taken to rescue our country as well as explain what we can do to combat the ever-increasing environmental crisis.

FISH OUT OF WATER viewers will see first hand the effects of climate change in spectacular regions including Tasmania’s Blue Tier Rainforest, Western Australia’s Crystal Caves, Queensland’s Heron Island, the Murray River in country Victoria and Kakadu National Park.

To gain a greater insight into the nation’s eco-problems, the champion swimmer will scuba-dive bleached reefs, take a boat down over-extracted rivers, helicopter over depleted water sources, and trek through soon-to-be culled old growth forests.

Thorpe says: “Over the past few years I have become concerned with the need to change to more environmentally friendly practices. I now realize we all need to get on the frontline if we want to leave the world in a fit state for future generations.

“Shooting Fish Out Of Water has been an amazing experience. I have been privileged to travel to so many beautiful parts of Australia. It has, however, been incredibly alarming to witness the destruction of our natural environment and resources and learn of the forecasts for future devastation.

“That said, it is encouraging to see the dedication and determination of people at the forefront of the fight against our climate crisis. I hope that with Fish Out Of Water I can be a part of the process to increase awareness and inspire more people to take positive action.”

In the two-hour program, environmental experts, politicians and everyday Australians weigh in on Australia’s role in global warming and climate change.

Thorpe will also tackle our position on sustainable energy options, solar power and domestic water solutions, as well as more contentious issues such as uranium mining, logging and irrigation.
Those interviewed include: Malcolm Turnbull (Federal Minister for Environment and Water Resources), Peter Garrett (Shadow Environment Minister), Ian Lowe (President of the Australian Conservation Foundation), Senator Bob Brown (Leader of the Australian Green Party) and Nikki Williams (CEO of NSW Minerals Council & Director of the Australian Coal Association).

FISH OUT OF WATER is directed by upcoming director, InPictures Production’s Richard Gray and produced by Logie Award winning talent, Chris Berry.

FISH OUT OF WATER is an emotive special that will open your eyes to how climate change is affecting our own backyards as well as empower you with ways to make a change.

Fish Out of Water airs July 5 at 7:30pm est on FOX8.

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