Airdate: RSPCA Animal Rescue

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field will see his new observational series RSCPA Animal Rescue premiere at 7:30pm Tuesday July 17 on Seven.

Doubled with the return of Medical Emergency the shows will replace It Takes Two.

The synopsis for Field’s show promises “Inspectors save some abandoned sheep running wild in an industrial lot, left unshorn for over two years the weight of their wool has stopped them in their tracks. Meanwhile, a cat saved by the RSPCA when found dying of a tick bite is reunited with its owners after being missing for two years and a Labrador puppy is rescued after being discovered beaten and hurt.”


  1. hey i love this show haven’t missed one. I just wished people would look after their animals and I think the test before the animal gets put up for adoption witch it makes the decision of the animal to go up for adoption or put down because of its fear is not fair because many dogs I know would never past the test.

  2. hey i haven’t even seen this show but i thnk it will be a huge hit i think it will be great and i give compliments to the people who created this show CONGRATS.

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