Airdate: The Wedge

TEN will return the sketch comedy Wedgedale to the suburbs.

A new series will air at at 9:40pm on Sunday Aug 12.

The series follows the last of Hamish & Andy’s Real Stories.

The half hour comedy is doubled with another repeat episode.


  1. The Wedge is such a joke. Is Australia really populated with an overwhelming percentage of unintelligent white trash? I agree with the other comment, it disappoints me that shows like Torchwood and Veronica Mars are shoved onto late night slots. Do the intelligent people who appreciate entertaining television stay up until midnight?

  2. More garbage to cover the “local content” requirements at Ten. It’s easy to throw together a decent TV show – so why do Ten go out of their way to make BAD TV???

  3. Why is it that every show that is not aimed at the Bogan Demographic on 10 gets yanked ie Torchwood, Jericho, V. Mars – but crap like The Wedge gets a second series?I will keep on downloading the shows I want to see and stuff the networks!

  4. Geez, where to start with this one. Safe. Boring. Predictable. It really seems like they’re making an effort to manufacture another “Look at moi”, “Cuppaladays” or “She goes, she goes, she just goes.” It’s just the same characters regurgitating th same jokes week in week out.

  5. Why?!?!? I seriously would laugh at a basic poo joke that an 8 year old would find immature, and yet not one sketch on this show is funny. So it must be said that Ten are TRULY scraping the bottom of the barrel with this. I love Hamish and Andy, but I didn’t find Real Stories as funny as it could have been, I thought that it was reaching at times, but The Wedge is ten times worse!

  6. But is there any Australian sketch comedy that has worked in recent times?

    The only one I can think of is Ronnie Johns but that is certainly for aquired tastes!

  7. Eew. It’s bad enough the first season lasted a full 24 episodes. 😐

    Not surprised that they’re dumping it in a low-key timeslot considering how cheap the show must be to make, and the ratings for last year’s finale were pretty crap (in a good way :D).

  8. ….And 13 year olds everywhere squeal in delight.

    Seriously Ten can go to hell. Their local content (TGYH aside) is utter lowest common denominator drivel and they treat intelligent shows with contempt.

    The Wedge is the absolute bottom of the barrel. Racist, shoddilly-made and totally reliant on an over-used laugh track. I’m still in disbelief that it got a second season.

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