Has The Simpsons changed its opening?

Now don’t have a cow, but The Simpsons may have gone and amended their famous opening title sequence.

The 19th series has just aired in the US and reports indicate that the opening has incorporated aspects of ‘The Simpsons Movie’ into its title.

Whether this is a once-off or a permanent move remains to be seen. The changes involve Bart skateboarding his way through Springfield under construction. In all likelihood it is a once-off, but may lead to yet another new opener next week.

There is no change to the music, blackboard or couch gags.

For more info, and some minor spoilers, on the opening of S19E1 view below.

Courtesy TV.com: Opening Credits: Blackboard Joke: I will not wait 20 years to make another movie. Couch Gag: The opening sequence is re-animated (referencing the conclusion of The Simpsons Movie) and as Bart skateboards home, Springfield can be seen in the process of rebuilding, thanks to Burns Construction. The family runs into the living room to see Spider-Pig/Harry Plopper on the couch. The family sits down and Homer cradles the pig as he says, “My summer love.”


  1. Wow. Great homage to the movie lol. I doubt it would be a permanent fixture, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they carry out this opening for the rest of the season.

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