Chaser screens globally

That APEC stunt by The Chaser may have ruffled feathers here, but it’s sure bringing in the international sales according to the ABC.

An edited version of the show is already screening in Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway and Finland.

And at the MIPCOM TV trade fair, they were lining up to check out the show. “The Chaser really hit a chord because everyone had heard of them from APEC,” said ABC international sales chief Karen Dacey.

“Our Middle Eastern clients especially loved them and the Iranian buyers thought they were hilarious and they could be seen there.”

Latin America, eastern Europe, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Japan, Thailand, Spain, Canada, Holland and the US are all in discussion with the ABC. Summer Heights High also fared well with MIPCOM traders.

Source: news.com.au

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  1. As much as i would hate to say it (cause the chasers war looks like a good show) but the show has never screened over here in New Zealand at least not yet… but there APEC stunt made the news over here and that about it.

  2. As long as these countries play The Chaser in its original form, that’d be really cool. Well, I’m happy as long as the US doesn’t go ahead and make a remake of their own. 😐

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