Idol shock as Ben goes

Australian Idol fans are in outrage, and very possibly tears, as one of the show’s favourite singers, 17yo Ben McKenzie was sent packing on Monday night.

McKenzie sang Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” on Sunday, but landed in the bottom two alongside hot favourite Matt Corby.

As with most Idol years, there is a mid-series shock exit (Paulini, Ricki-Lee) causing judges and hosts to remind everyone to vote. Indeed its a common trait amongst many vote-based shows.

TEN’s messageboard is rife with devastated fans. “‘An absolute disgrace’ is the understatement of the year. It’s an injustice,” said one fan. “I’m still crying bout it. I just listened to Hide & Seek and burst into tears,” said another. “So boycotting it! It’s all a big scheme to make money, they dont even want talent or anyone different,” claimed another.

McKenzie was one of the singers pinpointed by Today Tonight as being aligned with the Hillsong Church.

Let the conspiracy theories begin.


  1. The “integrity” of Idol (not that it had much to start with) has gone completely out the window this year thanks to the interference of the AOG church and Marty constantly wining about still being there … her should have quit and allowed those who appreciate the opportunity to make the most of it!
    What a joke!

  2. Why is Marcia a nasty piece of work for stating the truth? Marty has made it very clear that he doesn’t want to be there. Everyone else actually wants to be there.

  3. Just want to point out that the brilliant Marty is not one of the members of Hillsong or whatever and is there based on his enormous talent! Marcia is a nasty piece of work for what she said about Marty on national tv and I hope she does leave next year. Good riddance!

  4. Channel 10 airs HILLSONG programming on Sunday mornings at 6am, when the kids are usually up.

    Of course 10 and Hillsong are in cahoots.

    I wonder what they’re up too?

  5. Right … I used to be part of the Assemblies Of God churces for over 15 years …
    There is no question that they have an agenda both politically and in shows like Idol … they truely are all about money and control at their core. They are very manipulative in all areas.
    It seems, however, that to say that the contestants are Hillsong members may not be true, but they are definitely members of the Assemblies Of God Churches of which Hillsong is the top of the heap. We should be more careful here.

    As for Marty … ugly and he has a shit vioce, he would NOT be there if not for their voting! Well pointed out Marcia. A real shame that Ben is gone as I would have loved to see him sing with Darren Hayes in the charity special!

  6. I think Hillsong sacrificed one of their one to make it look like they didn’t have much influence. By letting one go, they pave the way for one of their own to win.

    Now they can proselytize all they want to the young masses.

    Let’s hope kids can smell indoctrination from afar.

  7. The earlier post about the ads for Hillsong on the AI website is worrying. If there were any proof of a collusion I would quit watching in a blink. I’d hate to be supporting something so evil. Anyway who cares about Ben? I like him even though he’s a zombie,but Marty has a brilliant voice and IMO more potential. And what’s with crying over something like this? Scary.

  8. how did so many “church” people get in the final anyway? god its just another way of making money. idol is just a sham. ben has been a sacrificial lamb. well he is just a baby, a very cute baby.

  9. Marty should have done the honourable thing and walked as soon as he was told he was safe for the week. The entire country knows that he doesn’t want to be in the competition, so why prevent someone who does from moving forward? Marcia hit the nail right on the head. Ben was the only other person who had any chance against Matt in the final and it would have been close between them (Dicko was right on the money when he said that he saw those two at the Opera House). What a massive shame for the program. Whoever is voting for Marty is wasting their money.

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