TEN under censorship pressure

As promised, the TEN Network made edits to tonight’s Californication episode which it says was “to adhere to Australian Broadcasting Standards.”

Meanwhile the Festival of Light is delighted that a review of the show is being undertaken by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Anyone else notice we’re in election mode?

So don’t be surprised to learn that the edits made by the network cut two “in your face” moments.

The deleted images were as follows (adult content):

1. Charlie giving a young female oral sex. His face was firmly in her groin. No genitals were evident in the original, but the moment was unmistakable.
2. The female ejaculates in his face. In TEN’s version we saw the after effects.

Significantly, these were also part of the “Oh My God” scene the network happily promoted.

You can see the entire unedited scene here, if you’re game.


  1. I honestly have no problems with this clip or the show at all. Given this scene was at around 22:10 I thought it would be fine to show it all. The show is 10 eps in out of 12 and I would think those watching would know what it is all about. Then again, sometimes I wish shows like this were on cable –Arena? – so fans could watch without any worry of editing. But we shouldn’t have to!!

  2. That’s not even the full scene (I’m refering to the YouTube one). The full scene is a little longer, and contains a shot of Charlie standing up and drinking a beer whilst having sex with the girl from behind.

    I must say I’m annoyed with how TEN BLATANTLY butchered last night’s episode (to the point that some shots were out of sync and the scenes felt completely disjointed). Hell, we couldn’t even see Karen and Marcy’s reaction to the scene as TEN was trying to cover up the ejaculation. 😐

  3. That clip is not as offensive as it sounds. I’ve seen more incredible sutff on SBS, even Queer as Folk!

    Does ACMA do anything usefull these days apart from anyone legitimate viewers? Someone needs to give the government a good kick up the backside about these double standards! It’s sickening!

  4. Can I point out that Sex and the City had a female lesbian ejaculation scene, complete with after effects, and that aired at 9:30pm on channel 9.

    I find it sad that in this day and age religious extremists are still trying to decide what we can and can’t do.

    It’s simple: don’t like it, don’t watch it. But don’t dictate what people can watch based on your own personal religious beliefs.

    I didn’t know we were expected to conform to another person’s faith in this country.

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