The Joey Fatone Experiment

Ahh the archives of telly.

A few years ago in John Safran’s Music Jamboree the SBS star had a bit to say about N’Sync. They’d had a few hits by then. Justin Timberlake still wasn’t a soloist. And Joey Fatone? Well it was years before The Singing Bee was ever thought of.

In his inimitable style, Safran was at pains to work out Fatone’s talent.

“From what viewpoint, from what perspective, in which parallel universe is this guy good looking enough to be in a boyband?” asks Safran. “Tell me there aren’t 17 people living in your block of flats better looking than him? And don’t give me this skin-deep shit. He doesn’t even write any of the songs. If you’re in a boyband and you’re not good looking, what are you?”


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