ABC host feels snubbed by Rudd

The ABC’s Barrie Cassidy is so miffed that Kevin Rudd has failed to appear on his Insiders show that he is urging a media war.

“There are only two programs that focus exclusively on politics – Insiders and Meet The Press. He hasn’t done either in this campaign and he’s not going to,” Cassidy told yesterday.

“But he will be doing lots of FM radio. One senior journalist, I won’t say who, said to me yesterday: ‘We all know we have to go to war against Kevin Rudd as soon as the election campaign is over.’ Perhaps we should have declared it earlier.” Cassidy is also a former press secretary for Bob Hawke.

But Rudd, who appears tonight on Rove, has already given plenty of AM radio interviews and appeared on the ABC’s Lateline. Sunday’s Laurie Oakes also disagreed, adding, “He didn’t avoid me.”


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