It’s the final camp-down

Let me say from the outset that karaoke is one of those events where “you really have to be there.” I’m still not convinced it actually works as television for any longer than a week (then again, Bingo is no fun without a bingo card either, so go figure).

But if anyone’s going to give Karaoke TV their best shot it has to be “David” from Borders.

David is one of the contestants in this Sunday’s Singing Bee and he could probably give ‘Ross the Intern’ a run for his money.

Yes, he’s THAT camp.

This guy has more zest than half of N’Sync as he pouts, spins and shimmys his way through the karaoke songs on the Nine game show. Step aside Carson Kressley, David would even give the Priscilla cast a run for their money.

And a little bird tells TV Tonight he wants to fly to Canada to have a marriage ceremony with his partner. Awww. If David makes it to the end he will win $50,000 cash. That’s enough for flights, honeymoon in Banff and more than a few singing lessons.

Singing Bee airs 6:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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  1. Sorry about that then. The reason I thought it could have been an ad was because it differed a bit from your usual style of posts. I acknowledge that you have mentioned shows before (which has been perfectly fine) – but it was just the way the post was written.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. Paid ad? I wish.

    TV Tonight is a mix of news, goss, reviews, info, fun and more. This is a heads up that’s all, just as I have given a heads up for two new Aussie premieres this weekend.

    I doubt a paid ad would start off by being so unkind to the genre.

    The only ads here are Google ads.

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