Seven summer: 30 Rock, Amazing Race

Seven is set to launch one of the brightest new comedies 30 Rock over the summer non-ratings period.

The show stars Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and is about behind-the scenes happening of a sketch comedy series, set in the Rockefeller Building. The show started in October 2006, is in its second series and has critical buzz including an Emmy win for Outstanding Comedy. It’s long overdue in Australia!

UPDATED: The Amazing Race will also screen Series 10 (Series 12 has just launched in the States). Seven had planned new Prison Break eps but these have now been shelved due to the writer’s strike.

It will also show Shark, Bones, Heartbeat, The Royal, American Dad and another round of The Simple Life according to the Sunday Telegraph.

No airdates yet.

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  1. Yes atL LAST Seven decides to screen 30Rock…it’s such a good show, really looking forward to seeing the whole season (hopefully) on TV instead of watching it on the net

    Shark was a pretty good show too – happy to see it back
    i wouldnt have though PB would be screened during the summer, but im not complaining all the same

  2. It looks like Summer’s viewing may surpass some of the stuff they’ve been dishing up all year. I am referring to all channels, not just Ch 7.

    Maybe they could do us a favour and give us BOTH series of the Amazing Race. At least we should be able to enjoy the shows without all the pressure of “maybe they won’t rate and will be taken off air” – 2007 has been the worst year ever for people who just want to enjoy television viewing.

  3. Very much looking forward to 30 Rock it looks promising. Also rapt to see Shark finally return! Add in The Closer and the likely return of Frasier,That 70’s Show and The King of Queens and summer’s looking good!

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