TEN HD programming mixes old & new

Network TEN has now released details of its new HD programming.

The channel operates as a 24 hour mix of analogue and HD programming. The bulk of the schedule mirrors the analogue channel with some specialist HD-only viewing in afternoons and evenings.

TEN will return some of its missing favourite shows to TEN HD, some as new episodes and others as repeats, plus movies and documentaries. It also launches some exclusive HD only franchises.

Returning dramas are Veronica Mars, Smallville, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, The 4400 and The Shield. New programmes include Stephen Bochco’s US-Iraq war drama Over There and various documentaries.

But the viewing clocks in at around 35 hours, well short of its promise of “50 hours of programmes you won’t see on TEN’s main channel” -and some of it is on TEN analogue. The intended “Sci-Fi Saturday” has moved to Thurdays. Oddly, it will also see TEN News at 5 at 5:30pm! But at least its more than 7HD has offered thus far.

TEN HD launches on December 16. The first week of special HD programming is as follows:

Sun Dec 16
5pm TBA
5.30 Ten News
6pm Sports Tonight

8.30 Movie: Black Hawk Down
11.30 Concert: TBA

Mon Dec 17
3pm Ocean Adventures
4pm Amazing Planet
5pm Bold & Beautiful
5.30 TEN News

10.30 The Shield “Tapa Boca”
11.30 Movie: Snatch

Tue Dec 18
3pm Ocean Adventures
4pm Amazing Planet
5pm Bold & Beautiful
5.30 TEN News

10.30 Veronica Mars “President Evil”
11.30 Movie: The Patriot

Wed Dec 19
3pm Ocean Adventures
4pm Amazing Planet
5pm Bold & Beautiful
5.30 TEN News

10.30 Over There “Pilot”
11.30 Movie: Love and a Bullet

Thu Dec 20
3pm Ocean Adventures
4pm Wolfman
5pm Bold & Beautiful
5.30 TEN News

7:30 Smallville “Subterranean”
8:30pm Battlestar Galactica “Occupation”
9:30 Torchwood rpt
10:30 The 4400 rpt
11:30 Movie: Bugs

Friday Dec 21
3pm Edge of Existence
4pm Monster Crocs
5pm Bold & Beautiful
5.30 TEN News

10:30 Movie: Bloody Sunday

Saturday Dec 22
5pm TBA
5.30 TEN News
6pm Sports Tonight

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Press Release
new era of FREE consumer choice
unique entertainment, premium broadcast quality

Network Ten ushers in a brand new world of free television entertainment on 16 December with the launch of Australia’s newest digital channel, TEN-HD.

Set to go live in just two short weeks, TEN today officially unveiled its new high definition broadcast schedule for TEN-HD’s inaugural week.

Highlights for the week of 16 December:
• Distinct programming from that on TEN’s main channel, including award-winning documentaries, cinema quality movies, science fiction, and drama series such as The Shield and Veronica Mars
• Time-shifted viewing, including TEN News at Five and Australia’s No.1 daytime show, The Bold and the Beautiful
• Breakaway Thursday: TEN-HD will break-away from TEN’s primary channel every Thursday from 3pm including prime time sci-fi shows – Smallville, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood and The 4400 – as well as documentaries and movies TEN’s chief Programming officer, David Mott, said: “After nearly a year in planning, and thanks to the hard work of staff across the network, TEN-HD is ready to launch.

“We are incredibly proud to introduce a new era of choice for free TV viewers with the highest possible picture and sound quality.

“And even better, consumers won’t have to keep paying for the privilege of enjoying TEN-HD.

“Saturday 16 December marks the beginning of a journey, and we will progressively increase TENHD’s unique content in the months ahead.”

Mr Mott said that live sport would feature on TEN-HD many mornings in 2008, with more than five hours of NASCAR each week starting February, NFL and the World Golf Championships. Also, all TEN’s AFL home and away season matches will be in HD next year.

Turning to films, TEN will be taking the cinematic experience straight to viewers’ homes with some of the biggest blockbuster movies every weeknight only on TEN-HD.

TEN-HD is available to viewers on Channel 1 and Channel 12.
Mon-Fri, 3-5pm
Documentaries: Ocean Adventures, Edge of Existence, Amazing Planet, Monster Crocs, The Wolfman

TEN-HD takes viewers on a wild journey each weekday afternoon with documentaries uncovering the vibrancy of the earth and its inhabitants, marvelling in its variety of shapes, textures and its awe-inspiring grace and power. From Monday to Friday viewers can expect a visual feast of scientific discoveries, technologies and nnovations, and be taken up close and personal with some of the most amazing creatures on the planet – looking at their habits, habitats and survival strategies.

Monday at 10.30pm
The Shield
The Shield, a show which has developed a cult-like following all over the world, breaks the conventional formula of the cop genre.

Tuesday at 10.30pm
Veronica Mars
In the wealthy, seaside community of Neptune, California, the rich and powerful make the rules. Unfortunately for them, there’s Veronica Mars. This smart and sassy 17-year-old has a loyal following in Australia, and we’re sure that she’ll feel right at home on TEN-HD.

Wednesday at 10.30pm
Over There
First run series about a sergeant and his platoon stationed in Iraq and how the lives of their families are affected at home.

Thursday at 7.30pm
Smallville tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman.

Thursday at 8.30pm
Battlestar Galactica
This critically acclaimed sci-fi series is back with first run episodes on TEN-HD.

Thursday at 9.30pm
Torchwood is a much admired spin-off from the popular sci-fi show Doctor Who. And in anticipation of all new episodes going to air in 2008, fans can revisit all their favourite episodes from series one again on TEN-HD.

Thursday at 10.30pm
The 4400
The 4400 tells the stories of 4,400 people who disappeared over a period of fifty years and they all reappear at the exact same time without any memory of where they’ve been and what happened to them.

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  1. i cant believe us people in Canberra still don’t get 10HD. What kind of country is this where the capital city of Australia get 2nd rate tv programming.

    imagine washinton d.c or tokyo being treated the same way.

    southern scross 10, pull you head out and broadcast whatever 10HD is showing.

  2. At around september 2008 the best show on earth ”everybody hates chris” came on and it stayed on at saturdays at 5:00pm on ten HD for only 2 or 3 weeks, then they had golf on, then another episode of everybody hjates chris the week after, and that was it, it isnt on anymore, they just put on ten news, same as ten digital, they dint even finish the season, i recomend they put it back on for the people who like it and they will get more ratings, all the other people can wach there news somewhere else. Cmon be realistic, do u wanna make more money?

  3. @ sadlydefiant:

    we will not be (at this point in time at least) getting TEN HD in Canberra. Why ? Because, strictly speaking, we do not receive Channel 10 at all in Canberra, we instead receive Southern Cross 10, which is an affiliate broadcaster.

    So until SC 10 makes a decision to introduce an extra HD channel, we will not be getting TEN HD.

    I’ll have to find out sometime what their plans are…..it would be a disappointment to hear a statement such as ‘we have no plans to broadcast TEN HD programming at this point in time’, so I hope that is NOT the news we get.

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